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Hi. I am CaptainCream, nice to meet you. A decent Indonesian Jstris player and a Geometry Dash veteran who has a lot of obsession on 14th row PC Loop. I usually play on Ultra mode using my all-time favorite BT Cannon. My YouTube channel is Forester Master and my Discord is Cream'#4293.

YouTube Username: Forester Master

YouTube Channel:

Geometry Dash IGN: ForesterMaster

Geometry Dash Profile:

Jstris IGN: CaptainCream

Jstris Profile:

Discord Username: @Cream'#4293

Might add some cool 14th row PC Loop setups on this wiki and on this page. Nice to work with you!

Openers I Use

I don't really use BT Cannon on normal match because I don't think it is fair. I just keep it as secret weapon.


IZ - TKI 3 Flat Top

IS - Perfect DT

O - Mr. T-Spin's STD

L/J - DT Cannon LSJZ

S/Z/T - DT Cannon SZT / C-Spin ZST

When I Blanked Out

BT Cannon

Perfect Clear Opener


Openers and/or continuation

I saved some deep down on my endless sea of txts and files in general. Probably going to post some here or on other pages.

Irrelevant D-ISO

General Shape



A setup I made. Starts with a TSD on the first bag. has a slight chance to continue with a TSD-ISO (Early I and J, S have to come before Z) on the second bag. Only with an early L making a TST is possible on the third bag. With an early S, it could be continued with a TSD. On the fifth bag, there's 97.70% chance of 14th row PC. All PC solutions.

Just like how I named it, this setup is pointless, unreliable and irrelevant. Most likely useless.

Bucket List

This is the bucket list I had on as a .txt file on my computer. Not all of them has something to do with Hard Drop Wiki, but it still has some correlation to Tetris. The list starts from PC-Spin and I would probably keep this list updated as long as I still active in this Wiki (Things that are struck trough means that it has been done/accomplished)

  • Make PC and DC-Spin
  • Make 閉塞/Blockade (full page has not been made, saved "temporarily" on Prototypes)
  • Ask Blink about page creation limitations
  • Make Wiki account at atwiki (Japanese Tetris Wiki) (account creation request ignored)
  • Make WolfMoon Cannon
  • Make Nil-cross
  • Make Anchor Set
  • Augment and modify STMB Cave
  • Augment and modify Flamingo
  • Research continuations for Flamingo and augment it to the page
  • Make DARKNESS✩KAZU✩SPECIAL by kazu (won't happening lmao why did I even type that down)
  • Augment and modify Cut copy
  • Augment and modify Fractal
  • Add more continuations for TOJ base on Triple Double Attack Setups
  • Make Company Train
  • Make WC Ploughshare
  • Augment and modify Parapet
  • Augment and modify Sky Prop
  • Augment and modify Magic Key
  • Augment and modify Polymer T-Spins
  • Make Bennxt Prop
  • Make Eagle pract./practical/sp./special/or not at all because it doesn't really matter to my user page or to the Wiki
  • Research continuations for Irrelevant D-ISO and augment it to the user page or to the Wiki


As you can see i've edited quite some list of pages. I might also give a few comments on setups that i think are special. Please note that the pages list is chronologically ordered based on when did I first time edit it.


  • Perfect DT (PandaEDIT does most of it, though. Thanks)

Moderate to Major Edits

  • Double Triple Cannon Setups (When i edited this, I never noticed there is a captcha for moderate to major edits so I thought the server bugged. After that, I asked Blink and he made me notice my mistake. How embarassing)
  • Cut copy (Took me a few months to notice that it is actually supposed to be 'copy' with lowercased 'c')
  • STMB Cave (First time i fixed the template for me to edit normal Prophecy T-Spin Double pages. Generic Structure to Variations, Other Uses and Comparisons. Simple!)
  • Prototypes (My first original Prophecy T-Spin is here!)

Minor Edits

  • Nuki (Unnoticed from 2012, wow)
  • Pelican Opener (Thanks to PandaEDIT to make this page. It has been bothering me since forever on how Albatross sp. and Pelican was used to be merged)
  • C-Spin (Totally different page than Triple Double Attack Setups)