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Tetris 99 Boost Strat in-depth guide by Derpygamer112 AKA DerpyGamer1112 on Twitch AKA Kelvin on Switch

This strategy is rather new and could still use some polishing, you can send any feedback to DerpyGamer112#6000 or BiseSim#1629 on Discord.



The Boost Strat first introduced by BiseSim is a strategy you can use in Tetris99 Team mode Snipe games. The idea of the strategy is that you have 2 teams (Green and Yellow in this guide) with stream snipers, there will be 1 sniper in team Yellow and the rest goes Green. All the snipers on team green will try and spot the sniper on team yellow by the use of a 4 Wide and will manually target them. This will give team yellow a big attackers advantage whereafter they can start attacking people on the other teams and then give the win to the green team at the end.


There are 3 (+ 1) roles you can play in the strategy: Feeder, Sweepe and Hunter (+ Host )

  • The Feeders are the people on Green team, they will manually target the 4 Wide. As a Feeder your whole purpose is to feed the Sweeper and give them the highest attacker bonus possible.
  • The Sweeper is the person on Yellow team, they will make a high 4 wide at the start of the round so the Feeders can spot them and lock on. The Sweeper will target people from the Blue and Red team to slowly kill off all non Yellow/Green players and will then self destruct at the end to give Green the win.
  • The Hunter(s) will target and attempt to kill the Yellow players besides the Sweeper on Green to avoid a dilemma where its only the sweeper left and a random Yellow with enough Greens to make the random Yellow invincible if the Sweeper were to die. They pretty much make sure that the remaining Yellow players don't overwhelm Green.
  • The Host Is there to make sure everyone knows what role to fulfill to make the strat work out. Always make sure that the host knows how the strat works.


The Feeders AKA the players feeding the Sweeper have the easiest job in this strategy, keep your target on the Sweeper. Pretty much anyone can play as a Feeder, especially since you aren't attacking someone that will attack back and thus have a good chance of being ignored by the enemy teams. A Feeder won't need the highest speed or the best T-spinning, its all about survival, though knowing how to improvise T-spins or play fast can help in surviving possible spikes. You will have to look for a big 4 Wide on the Yellow team at the start of the round who is not targeting attackers, this is your Sweeper and you will be targeting them manually for the rest of the game if possible.

Don't send too many lines to the Sweeper though, every line sent will weaken their next attack and possibly keep an enemy alive in the process, it is recommended to stay away from Tetrises or T-Spins if you don't have garbage coming in yourself. If you are feeling lucky you can set up a good attack as Feeder (since you are likely being left alone anyways) and then quickly target the person next to the Sweeper, send the attack and then move back to the Sweeper, just be sure to not stay off too long because the Sweeper can lose some serious damage with one less Feeder. Just remember that targeting the Sweeper is the number one priority and things like sneaky attacks are only good if you are sure about what you are doing. You will typically need 3-6 Feeders for this strategy to work out well.


The Sweeper (AKA the laser killing everything in its path as long as it is being fed) is the main key in this whole strategy. The goal of the Sweeper is to kill as many people from the Red and Blue team and eventually be the only one left from the Red Yellow and Blue teams at the very end, where they self destruct and give the remaining Feeders/Hunters/Random people the win. As Sweeper you have to know how to (preferably quickly) setup and stack a big 4 Wide and then keep it as high as possible for a couple seconds until the people from team Green start putting their targets on you. Good qualities for a sweeper are: Speed, Survivability, good at blocking incoming garbage quickly, dealing high amounts of damage (T-spins and Tetrises) quickly and efficiently, and of course setting up 4 Wides consistently.

A good Sweeper will be able to inform the Feeders about the state of their board, be it through a streamer, voice or just with chat messages. You are also given a choice as a Sweeper, you can randomly attack people from a specific team or manually target players for their badges. It is recommended to start with a random team out of Red and Blue and to switch to manually getting the people with high badge counts when you have obtained 1-2 badges yourself.


The Hunter is there to make sure that Yellow team doesn't have a majority at the end of the game and to make sure that Green isn't completely without badges if things go wrong for the Feeders at the end. A good Hunter will be able to survive for entire games on their own and deal good damage to players of the Yellow team and hopefully eliminate all of them besides the Sweeper. If all Yellow players besides the Sweeper die, they become a Feeder. If no Hunters were assigned ahead of time, it is fine for the Host to tell someone to attack the final Yellow's in a situation where they are the only teams left. You will need 1-2 Hunters depending if you can miss a Feeder or 2. If you can't miss a feeder early game, put the Hunter in effect at the end of the game.


The Host is also very important to make this whole thing work out, they are there to assign all the roles to the people playing with them. A good Host should always hold communication in some way with all players and tell them e.g how many badges the Sweeper has or who should switch to a Hunter play style at the end of a game. The Host will have to know which of the players is best suited for which role and tell them what they will have to do. The Host will also have to explain the strat or whatever they have to know about the strat to new players, so no mistakes are made and more players will be able to participate. They will also do the countdown and give the signs to see if you are in the game so you know what to do, for example if the Sweeper doesn't get in, they will have to call off the strat for that round to make sure nobody is still holding on to doing it.


The Early Game will consist of the Sweeper building up their 4 Wide and all of the Feeders finding and locking on to the Sweeper until the Sweeper has 2+ attackers coming from green. At the same time the Hunter will check who is the Sweeper and remember to not accidentally target them later, or target them later as extra Feeder if Yellow goes down early. The Sweeper will be getting 2 badges as fast as possible and will after gaining 2 badges, start manually getting all the high badge players to quickly up their badge count to 4, from which point they can do whatever they feel is best for the situation (manual or automatic) depending on badge counts in Red and Blue team.

The end game is a bit more complicated, either you have a final player in the Red or Blue team or there is still Yellow players left. In the case of a Red or Blue player being left alive, all Hunters will do the role of the Feeder and the Sweeper will have to be the only one left targeting the final player, this should quickly kill them, giving Green the win. Or there's Yellow players left, in which case the sweeper only serves as way to avoid the Yellow players from getting the attacker bonus. There will be a maximum of 2 Hunters earlier assigned or going from Feeder to Hunter (up to the Host to decide) to get rid of the final Yellow players on their own.

You can also decide to make the Sweeper kill the feeders and then die on one of the Hunters So they can take over (To be communicated by the Host) This will leave a 1v1 where Green has 4 badges and Yellow will likely have a disadvantage. If no Hunters are left, you could make the Sweeper self destruct and let a random feeder take over, this is very risky though and I would advice against it, The Host is better off calling a new Hunter if they know who is still alive.


I'm leaving this one open for when people use the strat a little bit more, its very unclear at the moment.


If you are concerned about being a Sweeper and getting less XP than if you played normally, don't be. The amount of KO's an average game as Sweeper will bring you balances the exp out to a good 950-1000, which isn't much different from the Feeders. Only Hunters might have a little more exp than the rest, but that amount is rarely gonna be big, because they won't have the early badges to get the easy kills. Also, if there is someone sniping you that might have a problem with something like a 4 Wide being used to spot the Sweeper, there can always be alternatives thought up like looking for sparkles or building a 2/3 wide in a specific area discussed prior.

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