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Tetris (PS3)

Developer(s) Wanako Games, Electronic Arts, Inc.
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts, Inc.
Release Date(s) January 5th, 2011
Platform(s) Playstation 3

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 1 - 4
Playfield dimensions 10w x 20h visible
Hold piece Yes
Hard drop Yes
Rotation system SRS
Tps31.jpg Tps32.jpg

Electronic Arts and Wanako Games (Chile) have joined to release Tetris for the PlayStation Network. This game features 1080p high-definition graphics, 5.1 surround sound, replay functionality and online multiplayer.

Players can see how they stack up to the best Tetris players internationally by checking out worldwide and regional leaderboards, which are refreshed weekly.

This game can be considered as an upgraded version of Tetris (PSP Mini) and shares many music and game modes with the said game.



  • Origin - clear 40 lines with default tetris rules
  • Treadmill - clear 40 lines in a matrix that shifts sideways
  • Gravity - clear 40 lines with the added gravity effect
  • Flood - every X pieces a line is added at the bottom
  • Ledges - some non clearable blocks are floating in the playing field
  • Laser - blocks must stay under laser, which comes down every piece
  • Magnetic - blue pieces go left, red pieces go right
  • Scanner - full lines are not cleared until scanner is activated every x pieces
  • Split - clear 40 lines on both sides of a split matrix
  • Chill - blocks which are not cleared, freeze, and have to be cleared another time
  • Flashlight - playing field is dark, only lights up for a short time every new piece
  • Radical - 20G variant

Singleplayer Modes


Play in any of the 12 variants listed above.

Marathon Mode

Standard marathon mode with 15 level limit.

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode allows players playing any of the 12 variants to try to beat “replays” of either friends or some of the best Tetris players in the world.

Multiplayer Modes


1-4 local players. Play in any of the 12 variants listed above.

Marathon Mode

1-4 local players can play “Marathon” mode at the same time. Complete level 15 to win.

Battle Mode

2-4 local or online players. Be the last man standing to win, powerup items can be used.

Power Ups

Timed Battle Mode

2-4 local players or 2-6 online players. Try to top out other players within 2 minutes.

Team Battle Mode

4 local or online players. Team battle mode allows two teams of two to play against one another, alternating between offense and defense as they compete for the win.

Shared Mode

2 local or online players. “Shared” mode enables two players to team-up in a single matrix to combine efforts and clear lines together.

Random Online Match

Jump into a randomly selected online match.


Trigger HappySend 12 or more lines to one opponent in under 5 seconds in Battle, Timed Battle or Team Battle mode.
TetrinetFinish all 3 multiplayer modes online.
SynchedGet a Tetris within 3 seconds of a friend getting a Tetris in Team Battle mode.
Next!Surpass a friend's record with your next best score.
GiverSend 100 lines to opponents on any multiplayer mode.
LockpickUnlock all 12 variants.
TeamworkClear at least 2 lines with a piece swapped to you in Shared Mode.
Clear As WaterPerform a Bravo.
InsaneIn Origin Variant, clear lines 20, 10 and 1 in that order.
AchieverComplete all Career feats.
AdvancedComplete all Advanced feats.
MasterFinish all variants on level 15 and radical.

Official Trailer