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Tetris Battle

Developer(s) Tetris Online, Inc.
Publisher(s) Tetris Online, Inc.
Release Date(s) 2011
Platform(s) PC, Flash

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 5
Playfield dimensions 10w x 20h visible
Hold piece Yes
Hard drop Lock
Rotation system SRS
Has 180 rotation {{{180}}}
Adjustable tuning {{{tuning}}}
Garbage attack type {{{garbage}}}
Garbage blocking type {{{blocking}}}
Website {{{website}}}
Tbattlef1.jpg Tbattlef3.jpg

Tetris Battle was a Flash based browser Tetris game available on Facebook. To comply with Facebook's terms of use, users must be 13 or older to play Tetris Battle, and birth date is required (to register on Facebook) It was the successor of Tetris Friends (also 13+), but it puts more focus on asynchronous gameplay (pseudo multiplayer). The Facebook integration offers an easy way to challenge Facebook friends or see who is online. Tetris Battle uses a KO system in multiplayer modes (Battle 2P, Battle 6P, and Arena) to determine the winner after 2 minutes and introduced bombs in garbage lines. The game is free to play, but it persuades players to spend real money by limiting playtime and offering tunings, skins and one-use game items. Despite not being very popular among the Tetris community, it got over four million daily users, 16 million monthly active users at its culmination. On June 1, 2019, the game is no longer available, with Tetris Friends also not available.


Tetris Battle uses SRS (the Tetris Guideline rotation) for its rotation system. The game features 7 game modes in total (5 multiplayer modes and 2 single player modes). New players will start with 1000 Tetris Coins and 5 Tetris Cash.

Status Bar

The status bar in Tetris Battle.

You can see how many Tetris Coins and Tetris Cash you have by looking at the status bar. The amount of energy remaining and your XP level is also shown.

Tetris Cash


Tetris Cash is the only way to buy certain things like energy packs, 1 or 7 day tickets, permanent skins (decors) and armors. It can also be used to buy tuning or unlock modes. There are no proper ways to earn Tetris Cash besides spending real money.

Tetris Coins

The Tetris Coin counter while the Triple Coins item is in effect.

Tetris Coins can be used to buy tunings, boosts and temporary skins (decors). You'll earn some Tetris Coins (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 Tetris Coins) for each game you play. However, if you have purchased Triple Coins, the amount of coins earned after a game will be multiplied by 3. You may also win some in Daily Lottery.



Energy is Tetris Battle's way to limit playtime. The maximum amount that the player can have is 30. Each game you play costs 5 energy. If you run out of energy, you have to use an energy pack or watch an advertisement. 1 Energy is refilled every 5 minutes (25 minutes per game). There are items that you can use to restore energy and save time:

  • small energy pack: refills 5 energy
  • medium energy pack: refills 10 energy
  • large enery pack: refills 20 energy
  • full energy pack: fully restores your energy
  • collect and use all 7 pieces: fully restores your energy
  • 1 day ticket: playtime is unlimited for one day
  • 7 day ticket: playtime is unlimited for a week

Players can obtain some energy packs in the Daily Lottery. A capsule can also contain energy packs and tickets. Otherwise you have to spend Tetris Cash.

Note: Prior to March 2013, your XP Level was added to your maximum energy. At level 71 you had 100 energy. You lost only 2 energy when playing against Facebook friends.

Players can also refill energy for a cost of 5 Tetris Cash. Sometimes, there will be an Energy Refill for 1000 Tetris Coins, which should be the best way to refill energy. You have to go to the shop to make this purchase.

XP Level


More or less, your XP Level tells you how long you've played Tetris Battle. You earn experience (XP) by playing game. You'll gain 1 level when you've reached enough XP. Each time you level up, your energy will be refilled and you get 200 Tetris Coins (was 1 Tetris Cash prior to March 2013). Besides that, experience is pretty useless. You have to reach a certain level before you can unlock and use boosts (to not confuse new players).

Other Features

These are the other features in the game. These include boosts, skins, and more.

Boosts (Power Ups)


The manual refers to them as "Game Items". In certain modes (Battle 2P, Battle 2P+, and Battle 6P) they can be used to gain an advantage over your opponents. They must be activated before you use it in a game. Some people may consider their use as cheating. There are 4 type of boosts:

  • Shield: Randomly blocks up to 15 garbage lines at the begin of each game.
  • Final Rush: Allows the player to send up to 15 extra lines in the last 30 seconds.
  • Twin Bomb: All garbage lines have 2 bombs instead of 1
  • 1 KO: Triggers a win after 1 KO. Only usable in Battle 2P+ mode.

There might be some special days where the effect of these boosts is doubled.

Daily Lottery

TBlottery.png  Each day, you can have a lottery spin which gives you 1 to 5 rewards. You may get a maximum of 5 rewards if you keep on coming back everyday. Possible rewards are:

  • Tetris Coins
  • 1 Tetris Cash
  • boost
  • one of the 7 piece shapes (I, J, L, O, S, T, or Z)
  • an energy pack
  • a capsule spin

Tetris Capsule

For 1 Tetris Cash, you can have a spin on the Tetris Capsule. Possible rewards are:
  • up to 1000 Tetris Coins
  • an energy pack
  • 1 Armor (don't rank down when losing) (Was 5/10)
  • Triple Coins (triples coins for played games on this day)
  • 1 day ticket (unlimited playtime for this day)
  • 10 Tetris Cash (5 is unobtainable as of today)

Daily Bingo


As of 2015, Tetris Battle features some kind of Bingo game. Daily achievements (such as performing a T-spin, Tetris, back-to-back line clear or playing a certain mode) are arranged in a 5x5 matrix. Getting all 5 achievements in a row, column or diagonal scores a bingo which is rewarded by Tetris Coins or other small rewards (such as the 1 KO game item).



You can purchase tunings with Tetris Coins or Tetris Cash and play faster using these tunings. There are 4 types of tunings:

  • left/right speed (DAS & ARR)
  • line clear speed
  • soft drop speed
  • next piece queue (1 to 5 Previews)

The fastest DAS and ARR settings are comparable to those in Tetris Friends. Soft drop and line clears are faster than in Tetris Friends.

Skins (Decors)


Skins determine how your playfield looks like. You have to purchase a skin before you can use it. Skins bought with Tetris Coins can just be used for a week. The 3 different types of skins are Mino skins, Ghost skins and bomb skins. Some skins, such as Flower, Chocolate, Easter Hunt, and Snow are seasonal (Valentine, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Xmas).


TBoptions.png The options menu allows you to change controls (keys) and to turn bombs, handicap and Ghost piece on/off. Handicap only affects games against friends.

Weekly Tournament


This feature was removed around March/April 2013. The goal was to get as many points as possible within 1 week. Each day you could play 3 Battle 2P games that didn't consume any energy. If you wanted to play more games, then you had to collect Tokens. Your opponents were assigned to you according to your points. The less points you had, the easier the opponent, and the more points you had, the harder the opponent. You got more points for being on a winning streak. At the end of the week you received a reward according to how well you performed. The best 100 players got some Tetris Cash or permanent skins.

Asynchronous gameplay

Whenever you don't play Arena, against a Facebook friend or a challenger (recommended opponent), you'll encounter replays. In this case, an earlier played game will be used to simulate multiplayer experience. Your opponent needn't even be online. It's an easy way to find opponents of your skill level, and you needn't wait for your opponents and you can pause whenever you want (the game will be paused for 30 seconds). On the other hand, you have no option to chat and your opponent can't react to your moves. Asynchronous gameplay doesn't work with garbage lines that have holes.


There are 7 modes in total, namely : Marathon, Sprint, Sprint 4P, Battle 2P, Battle 2P+, Battle 6P and Arena.


Line Clear Points
 Single  100 
 Double  300 
 Triple  500 
 Tetris  800 
 T-Spin  100 
 T-Spin Mini  300 
 T-Spin Single  500 
 T-Spin Double   800 
 T-Spin Triple  1200 
 B2B Tetris  1200 
 B2B T-Mini  450 
 B2B T-Single  750 
 B2B T-Double  1200 
 B2B T-Triple  1800 
 Combo   Points 
11 150
12 100
13 150
14 200
15 250
16 300
17 350
18 400
19 450
10 500
11 550
12 600
13 650
14 700

Complete the 15 levels with a score as high as possible. This game mode allows only 5 rotations and 5 movements before the piece locks, unlike other modes, which allow 15 rotations and 15 movements before locking. The higher the level, the higher the gravity and the harder the difficulty. You have to clear 5 lines for the levels 1 to 5, 10 lines for the levels 6 to 10 and 15 lines for the levels 11 to 15. You get points for clearing lines and doing T-Spins. The corresponding points can be found to the right side. These points are multiplied with your current level. You also get 2 points for each row you hard drop a piece and 1 point for each row you soft drop a piece. Perfect clears are not rewarded. Back-to-Back increases the points of Tetrises and T-Spin line clears by 50 %.

The best strategy for the early levels are the 4-wide Combo setup, ST Stacking and Infinite T-Spin Triple setup. To compare these, assume we clear 18 lines on level 1 and have already started the Back-to-Back chain. Let's also neglect the drop points. In this case a 4-wide 18 combo yields 9,450 points, Infinite TST 10,800 points and idealized ZT Stacking (4 TSDs per Tetris) 9,000 points. From these numbers, Infinite TST is the most effective. However, ZT Stacking will be more effective than Infinite TST in practice. It's more stable and a very skilled player can pull it through until the end.


TBsprint.png In this mode, the player has to clear forty (40) lines as fast as they can. This is a pure single player mode.

Sprint 4P

TBsprint4p.png In this mode, you have to clear 40 lines faster than your 3 opponents. This mode has ranks. 1st place earns 1 star, 2nd place earns ½ star, 3rd place loses ½ star, and 4th place loses 1 star. When playing against friends and leaving handicap turned on, players with lower ranks need to clear a little less than 40 lines. This mode is unlocked by having 4 Tetris Battle friends.

Versus Modes


There are four types of Versus Modes: Battle 2P, Battle 2P+, Battle 6P, Arena. They have in common that they all use a KO System to determine the winner of each game. A Knock Out appears when the next piece collides with the stack when it spawns. In this case the opponent who send the last garbage line to this player will score the KO. The player who scores the most KOs will become the winner. More explicitely at the end of each game players will be sorted by:

  • number of KOs
  • number of sent garbage lines (if equal number of KOs)
  • the height of the stack (if equal number of KOs and sent lines)

Each round takes 2 minutes (120 seconds). Rounds can end prematurely, if a player scores 2KOs (Battle 2P+), 5 KOs, (Battle 2P) or 10 KOs (Battle 6P and Arena) or all opponents are knocked out 5 times.


All 4 versus modes have ranks. When playing against lower ranked opponents in Battle 2P and Battle 6P, concrete lines are added to your field that can't be cleared in order to balance the game. This handicap can be turned off when playing against friends.

Battle 2P

TBbattle2p.png Battle 2P is a versus mode against only one opponent. The winner earns a Star, and the loser will lose it. You can gain 2 Stars for each victory when you outranked your last opponenents. (Downstack) Combos are a good strategy when playing with bombs. Go for ZT Stacking, freestyle T-Spinning or combos using a 4-wide gap when playing without bombs.

Battle 2P+

TBbattle2p+.png This game mode is similar to Battle 2P, except the game ends when a player gets 2 KOs. The only item exclusive to this game mode is the 1 KO Item, which allows you to win when knocking out your opponent once. The Battle 2P+ game mode has its own rating system; the rating increases when you win, and decreases when your opponent wins. Maps can't be selected in this mode.

Battle 6P

TBbattle6p.png Battle 6P is a versus mode against 5 opponents. At the end of a game, 1st place will gain 1½ Stars, 2nd place will gain 1 Star, 3rd place will earn ½ a Star, 4th place will lose ½ a Star, 5th place will lose 1 Star, and 6th place will lose 1½ Stars. In this mode it's more important to knock out your oppenents than staying alive. Combos are a decent strategy no matter if you play with or without bombs. This mode is unlocked by having 6 Tetris Battle friends.


TBarena.png Arena is a live versus mode against up to 5 opponents. It may happen that you are matched against players that have a much higher (or lower) rank than you have. So beware, the competition may be too strong for you. Arena is still in Beta stage. The password to enter this mode is MINO.


Line Clear  Sent 
 Single 0
 Double 1
 Triple 2
 Tetris 4
 T-Spin Mini 1
 T-Spin Single 2
 T-Spin Double  4
 T-Spin Triple 6
 B2B Tetris 6
 B2B T-Mini 2
 B2B T-Single 3
 B2B T-Double 6
 B2B T-Triple 9
 Perfect Clear 10
 Combo   Sent 
11 1
12 1
13 2
14 2
15 3
16 3
17 4
18 4
19 4
10 4
11 4
12 4
13 4
14 4

Tetris Battle uses Garbage Countering but not Garbage Blocking. So whenever there are incoming lines, these lines are canceled before sending garbage. After you drop a piece, the remaining lines are entered no matter if you've cleared a line or not.

All 4 versus modes (Battle 2P, Battle 2P+, Battle 6P and Arena) use the same line sent table. The exact numbers for each attack can be found on the right side. Combos are pretty strong. Even small combos send a lot of lines. Back-to-Back Tetrises and T-Spins send 50 % more lines than usual. This makes T Spin Triples more powerful than in most other games. The Garbage lines for a Perfect clear stack with those for Combos and Line clears. Thus starting a game with a Perfect clear will usually send 13 lines.

However, there are 3 types of garabage depending on the mode you play and on the bombs option you use There are 3 different types of garbage.

Note: As of 2015, the position (column) of the bombs will switch after every line. So, some statements above may be outdated.



This is the default garbage type in Battle 2P and Battle 6P. In contrast to most other multiplayer games, there's a bomb (or 2 if playing with Twin Bomb boost) instead of a hole in each garbage line. If a piece was dropped on a bomb, this bomb explodes and the corresponding garbage line is cleared. The position of the bombs (column) will switch after every 2 lines or after each attack. Combos and line clear are considered separate attacks. If 2 bombs are located above each other, then both bombs will detonate when dropping a piece on the upper bomb. This will send an additional line which is another separate attack For example if you drop a piece on a bomb pair and clear a Double at the same, then you send 2 lines of messy garbage. Same is true if your Double increases the combo counter to 1 (2 consecutive line clears, the second one is a Double). Detonating a bomb without clearing a normal line will maintain the Back-to-Back chain (next Tetris or T-Spin will have B2B bonus).

The garbage of T-Spin Doubles and Tetrises is very clean (always 2 bombs above each other). It can be cleared easily by a Downstack combo which sends very messy garbage itself. Going for Back-to-Back attacks may backfire if you don't try to top out your opponent.

Solid Garbage


When setting the Bombs option to "Off", this garbage type will be used in Battle 2P and Battle 6P. Solid garbage lines have no hole or bomb inside them. They can only be cleared by sending garbage lines yourself. If you have solid garbage lines in your field, then you must clear them first before you send garbage to your opponent. So sending lines over to your opponent offers some protection from his/her attacks at the same time.

Playing with Solid Garbage is more like Ultra than real Multiplayer. There's no real interaction with garbage. ST stacking and 4-wide Combo Setups seem to be the best strategies.

Note: Battle 2P+ can also be played this way, but you have to turn off bombs in Battle 2P or Battle 6P beforehand.

Normal Garbage


This garbage type is only used in Arena. Each garbage line has exactly 1 hole. There seems to be a 90 % chance that the hole will switch after every attack. Combos and line clears are considered seperate attacks. This is also true for the Back-to-Back bonus. For example if you send a B2B Tetris, then your opponent will receive 6 lines (4+2) of garbage, whereas the garbage column will most likely switch one time. The line clear garbage will be canceled (countered) first and is inserted above that of combos and Back-to-Back.

Doing Back-to-Back attacks while downstacking is a good strategy for this type of garbage. Maintaining the Back-to-Back chain is more important than in Tetris Friends. For more than 2 players in a room, 4-wide combos are also a good choice.


Only 3 modes (Battle 2P, Battle 6P, and Arena) can be played with Maps. This means that you start the game with a predefined shape instead of an empty field. There are 12 maps in total. In Battle 2P+, you can't choose a map.



All of the multiplayer modes have ranks that illustrate your skill in those modes. Your rank in one game mode does not affect your rank in the other modes. Initially, there were 25 ranks, then it was increased to 50, later to 100, 105 and then 110. You'll need to collect Stars to rank up. Stars are earned by winning games. After the rank number changes (rank up/down), you'll start at 2 Stars. You rank down when reaching a negative number of Stars, but if you are rank 1, this does not occur, as players can't go down to rank 0, your rank will still be rank 1 and you will be called the "Tenderfoot". You rank up when reaching 5 Stars, respectively 50 Stars from rank 101 to 110. Players with rank 110 and 50 Stars will be called the "God of Tetris". There is no benefit from possessing a high rank besides personal pride. You earn XP faster on higher ranks, but this doesn't matter anymore, since XP Level doesn't affect your maximum energy.

The Sprint 4P, Battle 2P and Battle 6P modes have leaderboards. Players are sorted by ranks and number of wins. There's a seperate leaderboard that just shows your friends. In 2015, the leaderboards were removed.

Rank Icon Name Exp
1 TBrank1.png Newbie* 1 XP
2 TBrank2.png Novice
3 TBrank3.png Rookie
4 TBrank4.png Trainee
5 TBrank5.png Hobbyist 2 XP
6 TBrank6.png Practitioner
7 TBrank7.png Contender
8 TBrank8.png Achiever
9 TBrank9.png Apprentrice
10 TBrank10.png Journeyman 3 XP
11 TBrank11.png Intermediate
12 TBrank12.png Hotshot
13 TBrank13.png Captain
14 TBrank14.png Leader
15 TBrank15.png Pioneer 4 XP
16 TBrank16.png Whiz
17 TBrank17.png Professional
18 TBrank18.png Expert
19 TBrank19.png Veteran
20 TBrank20.png Elite 5 XP
21 TBrank21.png Artist
22 TBrank22.png Star
23 TBrank23.png Superstar
24 TBrank24.png Maven
25 TBrank25.png Virtuoso 6 XP
26 TBrank26.png Genius
27 TBrank27.png
28 TBrank28.png
29 TBrank29.png
30 TBrank30.png 7 XP
Rank Icon Name Exp
31 TBrank31.png Untouchable 7 XP
32 TBrank32.png
33 TBrank33.png
34 TBrank34.png
35 TBrank35.png 8 XP
36 TBrank36.png Prodigy
37 TBrank37.png
38 TBrank38.png
39 TBrank39.png
40 TBrank40.png 9 XP
41 TBrank41.png Ace
42 TBrank42.png
43 TBrank43.png
44 TBrank44.png
45 TBrank45.png 10 XP
46 TBrank46.png Hero
47 TBrank47.png
48 TBrank48.png
49 TBrank49.png
50 TBrank50.png 12 XP
51 TBrank51.png King
52 TBrank52.png
53 TBrank53.png
54 TBrank54.png
55 TBrank55.png
56 TBrank56.png Beast
57 TBrank57.png
58 TBrank58.png
59 TBrank59.png
60 TBrank60.png 14 XP
Rank Icon Name Exp
61 TBrank61.png Champion 14 XP
62 TBrank62.png
63 TBrank63.png
64 TBrank64.png
65 TBrank65.png
66 TBrank66.png Guru
67 TBrank67.png
68 TBrank68.png
69 TBrank69.png
70 TBrank70.png 16 XP
71 TBrank71.png Sage
72 TBrank72.png
73 TBrank73.png
74 TBrank74.png
75 TBrank75.png
76 TBrank76.png Master
77 TBrank77.png
78 TBrank78.png
79 TBrank79.png
80 TBrank80.png 18 XP
81 TBrank81.png Grandmaster
82 TBrank82.png
83 TBrank83.png
84 TBrank84.png
85 TBrank85.png
86 TBrank86.png Legendary GM
87 TBrank87.png
88 TBrank88.png
89 TBrank89.png
90 TBrank90.png 20 XP
Rank Icon Name Exp
91 TBrank91.png Phenomenon 20 XP
92 TBrank92.png
93 TBrank93.png
94 TBrank94.png
95 TBrank95.png
96 TBrank96.png Superhuman
97 TBrank97.png
98 TBrank98.png
99 TBrank99.png
100 TBrank100.png
101 TBrank101.png Immortal 25 XP
102 TBrank102.png
103 TBrank103.png
104 TBrank104.png
105 TBrank105.png
106 TBrank106.png Demi-God
107 TBrank107.png
108 TBrank108.png
109 TBrank109.png
110 TBrank110.png
110 TBrank111.png God of Tetris

* Newbie is called Tenderfoot if 0 stars


  • In the Battle 2P mode of Tetris Battle, the player has to get 5 KO's to win, while in the Tetris Friends version of the Battle 2P mode, the player needs to get only 3 KO's.
  • A T-Spin Mini that does not clear a line is displayed as "T-Spin", while a T-Spin Mini Single is displayed as "T-Spin Mini", similar to Tetris Online (Japan).
  • Tetris Battle uses the font named "KRKZ Blockes" for the main text.

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