Tetris The Grand Master 4 The Masters of Round

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Tetris The Grand Master 4 The Masters of Round

Developer(s) ARIKA
Publisher(s) none
Release Date(s) ------
Platform(s) Arcade (Sega RingWide)

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 4
Playfield dimensions 5 x 10 / 10 x 20
Hold piece Yes
Hard drop Yes
Rotation system SRS (called world) / TGM (called Classic)
Tgm42.jpg Tgm43.jpg

Tetris The Grand Master 4 The Masters of Round, abbreviated TGM4 was unveiled at Sega's Amusement Machine Show in September 2009. At least three modes of TGM4 have been shown so far: Master mode, Konoha mode (a mode in which all pieces are double size and the object is to completely clear the playing field of blocks as many times as possible), and Rounds mode (similar to T.A. Death and Shirase modes, but with at least 2,500 levels and a fog mechanic that prevents line clears below a particular height until certain conditions are met). TGM4 was supposed to run on the Sega RingWide hardware. However the game's release was officially canceled. This is most likely due to Arika having a difficult time finding a publisher (because of TTC's Tetris Guideline, and the game clearly violates most of the rules), and also because in Japanese, four means death (both words are "shi.")*. The game would have been part of the TGM series by Arika, but it's turning out to be vaporware.

Konoha Mode Gameplay Video

The music in this gameplay video is the one heard in the Sakura mode of Tetris: The Grand Master 3 - Terror-Instinct.


This game was again tested in 2015, this time under the name TGM2015. However, the same TTC issue has since affected this, so this game is turning out to be vaporware.

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