Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura Eternal Heart

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Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura Eternal Heart

Eternalheart boxshot.jpg
Developer(s) Arika
Publisher(s) Arika
Release Date(s) August 10, 2000
Platform(s) PlayStation

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 1
Playfield dimensions 10x20
Hold piece No
Hard drop Yes (Sonic Drop)
Rotation system TGM rotation
Has 180 rotation {{{180}}}
Adjustable tuning {{{tuning}}}
Garbage attack type {{{garbage}}}
Garbage blocking type {{{blocking}}}
Website {{{website}}}
CCS2.jpg CCS3.jpg

Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura Eternal Heart is the first Tetris game by Arika to be released on a home console. The game lacks a standard mode, and instead has gameplay alike Sega's Flash Point, where the goal is to clear lines containing jeweled blocks as fast as possible.

The name and gameplay of this game has been carried over to the Sakura mode in Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror-Instinct, which plays similarly as well.

Battle mode

Beside the story mode, this game has also a 2 player mode. A bot may take the place of the second player. The goal is to top out the opponent before (s)he does the same to you. Clearing multiple lines at once (Double, Triple, Tetris) will sent the same amount of lines over to the opponent. More precisely garbage lines are dublicates of the cleared lines: They have the holes exactly in those columns where the last piece was inserted. However, they are inserted in the reverse order: the top cleared line corresponds to the bottom garbage line. A garbage line may contain more than 1 hole (e.g. lines completed with an O piece have 2 adjacent holes). This kind of garbage, sometimes referred to as tactical garbage, is also used in Bloxeed, DuelTris, TGM2, Tetris: New Century and Palatris.

What this Battle mode makes so special is that roughly every 8th piece contains a jeweled block (or 7th piece if you clear multiple lines at once). When clearing a line with such a jeweled block, the player's character will perform a spell:

  • Attack:
    • Decay: your opponent's field decays with gaps
    • Flip Attack: flips opponent's field from top to bottom
    • Lightning: lightning strikes through your opponent's field
    • Mind Block: your opponent cannot see their next piece
    • Mutant Piece: your opponent's next piece changes randomly during play
    • Rain: blocks randomly rain on your opponent's field
    • Roulette Attack: your opponent's field slides vertically and stops when they press a button
    • Field Warp: your opponent's field warps randomly
  • Defense:
    • Defense Drill: when your next piece touches the blocks, every piece below it disappears
    • Every other Defense: every other row of your field disappears
    • Flower Heal: heals the gaps in your field
    • Level Defense:when your next piece touches, everything that level and higher disappears
    • Luck: your next three pieces are long thin red ones
    • Push Defense: pushes all of your pieces to the right or left
    • Surrounding Defense: all of the pieces surrounding your next piece disappear
    • Upper Defense: the top half of your field disappears
    • Lower Defense: the lower half of your field disappears
    • Speedy Special: your special gauge charges at double rate

Which spell is performed depends entirely on the chosen character and the color of the jeweled block (i.e. the piece kind in which the jeweled block was contained):

Character I piece
L piece
O piece
Z piece
T piece
S piece
J piece
Sakura Push Defense Lightning Flip Attack Flower Heal Upper Half Defense Mind Block Mutant Piece
Syaoran Push Defense Lightning Flip Attack Defense Drill Lower Defense Surrounding Defense Roulette Attack
Tomoyo Level Defense Mutant Piece Roulette Attack Mutant Piece Decay Every Other Defense Flower Heal
Kero-chan Mutant Piece Roulette Attack Luck Drill Defense Lower Defense Mind Block Roulette Attack
Yue Speedy Special Flower Heal Rain Lightning Flip Surrounding Defense Decay
Eriol Push Defense Upper Defense Level Defense Flower Heal Every Other Defense Decay Warp Field
Spinal Upper Defense Roulette Attack Flip Attack Mind Block Every other Defense Rain Speedy Special
Ruby Moon Flip Attack Luck Mind Block Every Other Defense Flower Heal Lightning Rain
Touya Drill Defense Mutant Piece Mind Block Rain Lightning Surrounding Defense Flip Attack
Yukito Flower Heal Every Other Defense Upper Defense Drill Defense Level Defense Roulette Attack Push Defense
(white dress)
Level Defense Mutant Piece Speedy Special Upper Defense Flip Attack Flower Heal Drill Defense
(red dress)
Rain Lightning Mutant Piece Roulette Attack Flower Heal Roulette Attack Upper Defense
Meiling Rain Mutant Piece Lightning Flip Attack Level Defense Surrounding Defense Decay

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