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Who Am I?

Hello there, my name is Kerrmunism and while not a Tetris addict, I do enjoy Tetris, and play it nearly every day. My most played Tetris game (being Puyo Puyo Tetris), has around 250 hours of playtime. Other interests include coding, video games, guitar, D&D, skateboarding, and quite a few other nerdy hobbies.

I hope to contribute often and make good contributions to the site in any way I can!


I have a (very poorly maintained) website here if interested. [http:\\ Personal Website]

Reddit Account: Reddit Account

Discord: King of Kerrmunism#2808

Switch Friend Code: SW-7003-7467-5809


I only have one decent opener I've found (or think I've found.) I've dubbed it "Trigger" due to it starting with Z and L (One of the trigger buttons on the Switch) and because the right side loosely resembles one. This opener most closely resembles the Albatross and Flamingo openers.

If you're lucky, you can get quite a few follow ups.

Here's a just about ideal scenario for the whole opener.