Super Tetris 3

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Super Tetris 3

Super Tetris 3 Box Art.jpg
Developer(s) Bullet Proof Software
Publisher(s) Bullet Proof Software
Release Date(s) December 16, 1994
Platform(s) Super Famicom

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 1
Playfield dimensions 10x22, 7x19 (Familiss)
Hold piece No
Hard drop No
Rotation system BPS rotation
(SRS predecessor)
Has 180 rotation {{{180}}}
Adjustable tuning {{{tuning}}}
Garbage attack type {{{garbage}}}
Garbage blocking type {{{blocking}}}
Website {{{website}}}
Super tetris 3.jpg Super tetris 3-1.jpg

Super Tetris 3 (スーパーテトリス3) is the third and final entry in Bullet Proof Software's Tetris trilogy, which began with the Famicom Tetris and continued with Tetris 2 + Bombliss/Super Tetris 2 + BomBliss.

This game uses SRS, but without wallkicks, as well as non-standard piece colors. Randomizer is apparently memoryless, or close to it.

The game does have lock delay, uses step reset, and has smooth fall and rotate animation, just like The New Tetris (with all of its problems with overhangs)

Standard Tetris

This is either Endless (the standard Tetris) or Standard. Standard has 25 lines to clear to advance to the next level, and clears the screen for each level. It also gives three lives, allowing three top outs.


The Tetrominoes that are dropped onto the play field have a color, red, green, or blue, which can be changed by rotating 4 times in the same direction. Clearing a line that is one solid color erases all blocks that match the color. There are also wild blocks, which count as all colors, but are not removed by a single color clear, and smaller, grey blocks, which are never removed in a line clear. The only way to remove a grey block is to do a single color line clear with no grey blocks in it, which converts all grey blocks to the color. The game features cascade gravity after a single color line clear. Again, endless and standard are available.


Sparkliss is a revised version of the Bombliss mode from Tetris 2 + Bombliss and Super Bombliss. As with Bombliss, there is standard and puzzle modes.

The primary change is that Sparkliss lightning strikes in a cross shape instead of in the large squares of Bombliss's explosions. This means that lightning blocks only erase columns and rows, and more lines completed extends the length of the lightning instead. However, creating a box with lightning will also clear any blocks within that box. The end result is that it's harder to get good lightning strikes going, but you can potentially clear much bigger sections of block with less lightning blocks.


Familiss is a two to four-player version of Tetris with special powers:

Super tetris 3-Famliss.png

This was the first Tetris mode for more than two players, predating Tetris X, Tetrinet, Tetris 64, Tetris 4D, and The New Tetris. Involving three or four players requires a Multitap.

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