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  • Please select a descriptive filename for your upload. For example, "IMG_050.jpg" is bad, while "T-Spin Triple Opening Step 2.jpg" is good.
  • Utilize the included File template to fill out information about your file. Any parameters that aren't used should be deleted.
    • game=What game is it from? If not from any game, do not add anything.
    • description=Describe what the image is showing.
    • type= Use a type that best correlates with what the image contains. This will automatically categorize the file in conjunction with the game parameter. A full list can be found here, but popular options include: screenshot, sprite, artwork, diagram, box art, and mmc.
    • source= This is the most important parameter to fill out! This explains the origin of who the image came from. If the file was captured/extracted/taken by yourself, use "self" here. If by another user on the wiki, use "user" and fill the parameter below. For files taken from other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, or a website, this is the place to leave a URL Hyperlink. All files must be sourced or they will face deletion.
    • user= This parameter is unlikely to be used often, but should be included with the name of the user for any type=user or source=user cases.
    • license= This will automatically default to fair use, but if an alternate license needs to be utilized such as GFDL, Creative Commons, or Public Domain, this is what to use to switch it.

To include a file in a page, use a link in one of the following forms:

  • [[File:File.jpg]] to use the full version of the file
  • [[File:File.png|200px|thumb|left|Caption]] to use a 200-pixel-wide rendition in a box in the left margin with the text "Caption" below
  • [[Media:File.ogg]] for directly linking to the file without displaying the file