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File information


This template should be used for all files in the "Files:" namespace. It presents some information about the file, and automatically categorizes the image.


Parameter Mandatory Purpose Default Detailed description
game No Game Game for which the file was uploaded. This will be used to categorize by Category:Files by game.
summary Yes File summary A brief explanation of what the media displays, what it contains, or what it is used for.
opening No File summary If the file demonstrates an opening, link to it here.
type Yes Content type What type of content this is. Can be one of the following:
  • screenshot: Media screenshot.
  • playfield: The playfield or a playfield tile.
  • boxart: Box art.
  • texture: Game texture.
  • audio: Game audio.
  • video: Game video.
  • logo: Logo.
  • photo: A real-world photograph.
  • rating: Age rating icon.
  • flag: Real-world flag.
  • icon: Icon.
  • sprite: Game sprite.
  • user: User's personal image.
  • wiki: Wiki image.
  • mmc: File used for MMC news.
source Yes File source If this file was created by the user, type "self". If it was obtained off a website, type its URL here.
license No License fairuse If it cannot be deduced automatically from the content type, the license must be added here. This is the same parameter you would feed into Template:License.


|game     = 
|summary  = 
|type     = 
|source   = 
|license  =