Final Tetris

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Final Tetris

Developer(s) Cheil Computer
Publisher(s) Mijin Computer
Release Date(s) 1993
Platform(s) Arcade (Korea)

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 1
Playfield dimensions 10x20
Hold piece No
Hard drop Yes
Rotation system Original, no wall kicks.
FinaltetrisKR2.png FinaltetrisKR3.png

Final Tetris (파이널 테트리스) is an unauthoritised Tetris arcade game. Similar to Bloxeed and Tetris Battle Gaiden, players gain special abilities by clearing lines containing special blocks. The game is always played against another player, where the ultimate goal is to force the other player to top out or have a more filled playfield when the timer runs out.

The game's controls are somewhat awkward. The first button is used to perform a hard drop while the second button is used to rotate the piece counter-clockwise. The game has no ARE and a slippery DAS (potentially due to the fluid movement animation of the tetriminos when they slide into the next column over, alike Bullet Proof Software's early Tetris games), leading to reckless players causing misdrops by sliding their Tetriminos over one more space than intended before hard-dropping their piece.

Garbage sent to the opponent mimics the lines the player cleared exactly minus the piece that was used to clear the garbage-sending lines. Sending garbage will immediately destroy the opponent's current Tetromino in play, and can even destroy specific power ups.

Gameplay Video