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Developer(s) Sega
Publisher(s) Sega
Release Date(s) 1989, 1990
Platform(s) Arcade

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 1
Playfield dimensions 10w x 20h, ceiling in 21
Hold piece No
Hard drop No
Rotation system Sega rotation
Bloxeed 01.png
Bloxeed 02.png Bloxeed 03.png

Bloxeed is the third and final Tetris game released by Sega for arcades, preceded by both Tetris and Flash Point.

Gameplay specifics

Bloxeed uses a variation of the gameplay featured in Tetris, with additional gameplay elements added on. For every five pieces that are dropped, one line of Garbage will be added underneath the player's play field. Additionally, pieces that are dropped into play may have one of five different "Power Blocks", which if removed via a line clear will give the player the power associated with the Power Block:

  • Flicky: Summons Sega's "Flicky" character, a blue bird that can drop blocks while slowly descending, filling up gaps on top of the player's structure and assisting in accumulating line clears.
  • Satellite: Similiar to Flicky, this block summons a slowly-descending satellite that can blast away blocks on the play field.
  • Bomb: Drops a bomb that blows up in a circular 4x4 space.
  • 16-Ton: Drops a weight that can instantly clear three columns of blocks on the playfield.
  • 4 Lines: Removes four lines from the play field instantly.

Bloxeed also includes a two-player versus mode, which unlike the one featured in Tetris allows the players to send garbage to one another, which will also eliminate the opponent's current piece in play when the garbage is added.

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