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"Worldwide Combos" is an unofficial multiplayer block-stacking browser game. The first public release was made in 2017, July 2nd. Worldwide Combos differs from other similar games mostly by its multi-knockout gameplay, where players have to make their opponent top out as much as possible within the time limit. The game provides both "1 versus 1" multiplayer modes (including a ranked mode with a matchmaking system) and solo modes.



Even though Worldwide Combos's gameplay is essentially inspired by Guideline rules, a few mechanisms differ from other platforms. These changes were mainly made for balancing purpose, as having a multi-knockout system has a non-negligible influence on the game's meta.

Rotation system

Worldwide Combos uses SRS for its rotation system. However, it allows 180° rotations, which are not specified by the guidelines: when a 180° rotation is performed, two clockwise rotations are done, then the kick table is checked for the second rotation.

Handicap system

Worldwide Combos uses 3 main handicap types: holes, bombs, and solid.

Handicap with holes

Handicap with holes are lines with 9 out of 10 slots filled. These lines are cleared the same as player-made lines. The holes positions are determined randomly. However, when several lines are sent by placing one block, all the handicap lines sent will have the same slot unfilled

Handicap with bombs

Handicap with bombs are filled lines, but one of the 10 slots contain a bomb. These lines are cleared by placing a block right above the bomb's position. The bomb's positions are determined randomly. However, two consecutive bombs cannot be in the same column

Solid handicap

Solid handicap basically consist of filled lines. Since it is not possible to clear them in the normal way, in order to get rid of them one has to clear lines on their side. Then, while that player has handicap lines at the bottom of the grid, lines that should be sent to the opponent are not sent, but are used to clear the solid lines


Handicap with holes are used in the holes gamemode, as well as the chaos gamemode. Handicap with bombs are used in the bombs gamemode. Solid handicap are not used in quickplay, but matches with this handicap can be played in custom rooms along with holes and bomb handicaps

Attack table

Worldwide Combos uses its own attack table, which is not always the same depending on whether the all spins option is enabled or not. A line clear is counted as a spin when the last used block cannot be moved before being first rotated.

Usual attacking table

Line Clear  Sent 
 Single 0
 Double 1
 Triple 2
 Quadruple 4
 Quintuple 5
 T-Spin Single 2
 T-Spin Double  4
 T-Spin Triple 6
 T-Spin Quadruple 8
 B2B Quadruple 5
 B2B Quintuple 6
 B2B T-Spin Single 3
 B2B T-Spin Double 5
 B2B T-Spin Triple 7
 B2B T-Spin Quadruple 9
 Perfect Clear 10
 Combo   Sent 
11 0
12 1
13 2
14 2
15 3
16 3
17 3
18 3
19 3
10 3
11 3
12 3

All Spins Attacking Table

Knock Out system

Tuning Limit

Style customization

Official ranked modes


When playing holes, the following rules are in play: 7-bag randomizer, handicap lines have holes, and the usual attack/combo table


When playing Bombs, the following rules are in play: 7-bag randomizer, handicap lines have bombs, and the usual attack/combo table


When playing Chaos, the following rules are in play: 21-bag randomizer, handicap lines have bombs, All spins are enabled and the usual attack/combo table and the allspin attack table


Other modes

Custom Games

Sprint mode

Survivor mode

Warmup mode

Ghostbuster mode

Other notable information

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