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Ban User:Tetris is cool wants revenge!

Ban User:Tetris is cool wants revenge! with an expiry time of infinite (account creation disabled)! Piotr Grochowski 09:49, 1 August 2017 (PDT)

Extension:Scribunto not working.

Extension:Scribunto not working. It's needed for {{Correct title}} template. Please help!


Why did you lock my real talk page from editing and redirected it to my test page?


Hard Drop Tetris Wiki is now out of control! My game info being destroyed, people getting banned...

Please keep in mind that the anonymous user (not me, the other one) prefers to stay anonymous. Would you like to be banned for not complying with a request that's not required and you don't want? I'm Piotr Grochowski in VPN. Sadly Blink banned both of us and deleted info related to us. Tetris Best, Tetris Best 2, Tetris Worst, Tetris Worst 2, Tetris Worst 3, Tetris Fuck, Tetrinsanity, Tetris Perfect, Tetris Return, Tetris, Official Scratch Tetris, TETRIS MAX and TETRIS MAX 2 are great games. Paint in XP is not even specific to either of us, it's made by Microsoft.

Thanks for unblocking me

Hey, Sisu! Thank you for unblocking me. You make me an innocent bystander since I don't vandalize all of the pages. The vandals messed up my profile. Anyway, thanks for everything you've done to me. :) --JJBisHere15 01:17, 7 October 2017 (PDT)