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One fine day in #arika, tada, gs68 and I decided that we would name random summon abilities for everyone important in Tetris. Here's what we came up with:

General things

The international edition reverses your controls. Also, in timed battles, the timer resets on every attack in the international edition.

Battle mechanics

The tsun-o-meter (originally invented by gs68 and twisted by tada) acts as a characters' limit meter. As you take damage, your tsun-o-meter builds. Then, you can use special attacks called tsun-o-breaks. You can use a higher level tsun-o-break if you let your meter charge more than once, i.e. having 200% charge will allow you to use a level 2 tsun-o-break.

Examples of things that charge your tsun-o-meter:

  • Losing at Gravity Hook
<Zircean> 683m in gravity hook
<Zircean> not bad
<tadaru> 640m
<tadaru> FUCK
<tadaru> ****
<tadaru> tsun-o-meter: 35%
<tadaru> tsun-o-meter: 80%
<tadaru> tsun-o-meter: 170%
<tadaru> tsun-o-meter: 300%
* tadaru uses his tsun-o-break
* tadaru uses Gigafart on Zircean
* tadaru defeats Zircean
* tadaru gains 17995 experience points... and 32000 gold.


When summoned, they pick a random attack.

Ichiro Mihara

  • Sonic Drop: Deals massive damage.
  • Torikan: Instantly kills all enemies if the battle has gone on for longer than 2:28 (3:03 in international).
  • Demotional Exam: Lowers all opponents' levels by 5.

Henk Rogers

  • Hard Drop: Deals massive damage (more than Sonic Drop because it locks).
  • Infinity: Deals damage based on how many times you press a button.
  • Slow Controls: Gives the enemies Slow status.

Alexey Pajitnov

  • Ancestor Blocks: Deals massive damage and gives Confuse status.
  • Contact Lock: Immobilizes all enemies.
  • Speed-up Key: Casts Haste on all party members.


  • M-roll: Turns all party members invisible, so they can't be hit.


  • Dual GM: Switches your game to international edition (or back). Causes massive damage as well.


  • Hole Regret: Instantly wins the battle, but has a 1% chance of corrupting your save file.


  • Easy Mode: Detonates fireworks that deal damage whenever you hit an enemy.


  • Frame Efficieny: Makes your party's tsun-o-meters charge faster.


  • Osaka Style: Deals a number of super-fast blows to the enemies.


  • Big Mode: Makes all your characters huge, so they deal more damage and take less.