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Ray Ayanami aka gs68 is a TGM player of subpar skill.

Ray first came across TGM through the infamous "Tetris Japan Finals" Death 800 video, which he found God-knows-how-long-ago.

Sometime in the summer of 2008, he did some additional research on the TGM series on Tetrisconcept and saw a few more TAP and Ti vids on YouTube, though it was not until October 2008 that he randomly met a Tetris DX-playing Kitaru. After asking, Ray was surprised to discover that he was a regular TGM player.

Kitaru then hooked Ray up with the stuff necessary to emulate TGM1 and TAP, as well as Texmaster, NDS_TGM, and Heboris. And thus begun Ray's quest to become a Tetris Grandmaster--a quest marked with pitfalls, pitfalls, and descents into the subterranean from said pitfalls, with occasional pokes onto the surface every now and then.

Currently he is in the middle of declaring TAP the worst game ever made until he passes level 500 in Master mode.

#arika quotes

<mushroom> TETRIS CHANCE!!
<regret> TETRIS FART!
<regret> oh crap, I gave away my identity
* regret is now known as tada

<gs68> Just tried DTET on Kitaru's computer.
<gs68> It's...kinda interesting to say the least.
<tada> BUTT FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
<tada> no.
<tada> No.
<tada> NO.
<tada> BUTT FUCK!!!!!!!!!
<Digital__> yes?
<Kitaru> butt plug?

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