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Portrait of Alex's character Stephan for Power Master: A Strange Journey MV
Other Names Alex, Alexander, Bodine95, Power Master, Powmas, PowerMaster64, PowerMasterAlex, Hardcore Alex, HardcoreAlex95
Birthday April 3rd, 1995
Join Date February 5th, 2018
Most Recent Contribution

6 February 2021


I am Alex95, staff member of a few other NIWA wikis. I joined Hard Drop Tetris Wiki on February 5th, 2018 and edit occasionally.

Tetris was one of the first game series I was introduced to, specifically the original NES and Game Boy games. We don't have a lot of titles, but they're a lot of fun whenever my dad breaks them out.

Site that goes into more detail about me, the games I have, etc.

Other stuff

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