Tetris Tower 3D

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Tetris Tower 3D

Publisher(s) Radica
Release Date(s) 2004
Platform(s) Board Game

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 1
Playfield dimensions game=10x20 storage=10x24
Hold piece no
Hard drop yes
Rotation system rotation + reflection
Tt3d2.jpg Tt3d3.jpg

Physical game, sort of like a cross between Tetris and Connect Four


Tetris Tower 3D comes with 60 two-sided tetrominoes (12 of each type) that may be rotated and reflected. To avoid running out of pieces while playing, Tetris Tower 3D appears to use a 60-Bag randomizer. The game ends after 50 pieces of the deterministic sequence have been dealt, regardless of Top out condition.[1]

Game Manual

Tt3d manual 1 2.JPGTt3d manual 2 2.JPG