Tetris The Card Game

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Tetris The Card Game

Publisher(s) FunDex
Release Date(s) 2011
Platform(s) Card Game

Gameplay Info

Next pieces
Playfield dimensions
Hold piece
Hard drop
Rotation system
Has 180 rotation {{{180}}}
Adjustable tuning {{{tuning}}}
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Garbage blocking type {{{blocking}}}
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Tetris the Card Game is based on the popular video game Tetris.

In this game, the players' goal is to clear 10 lines to win the game. Players keep a grid of 10 cards face up in front of them, flipping them as lines are cleared to keep track of their score. Each player may hold two cards at a time in their hand. Cards may feature blocks known as Tetriminos which can be used to clear lines or special action cards that can hinder other players.

A puzzle will be displayed on the top of the draw pile. To clear a line, players must use the Tetrimino cards in their hands. If the Tetrimino on a card fits in this puzzle so that it completes a line (or lines) five squares across without any gaps, it can be played to clear a line (or lines). In order to fulfill this goal, Tetriminos may be rotated. For each line cleared, a card is flipped in that player's matrix. If clearing a line is impossible with the player's hand or if no action cards may be played, then the player must discard a card of their choice and draw the top card of the draw pile. The next player takes their turn and play proceeds until one player has flipped all ten cards in their matrix.

Gameplay Video