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Tetris Link

Publisher(s) John Adams Trading Company
Release Date(s) 2011
Platform(s) Board Game

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 0
Playfield dimensions
Hold piece No
Hard drop Yes
Rotation system None
Has 180 rotation {{{180}}}
Adjustable tuning {{{tuning}}}
Garbage attack type {{{garbage}}}
Garbage blocking type {{{blocking}}}
Website {{{website}}}
Tlink2.jpg Tlink3.jpg


  • Link 3 tetriminos to score your first 3 points.
  • Score 1 point for each new tetromino you link to the group.
  • Pieces cannot link diagonally
  • Lose points for leaving holes beneath tetrominos:
    • 1 hole deducts 1 point
    • 2 or more holes deducts 2 points

Rules pages

Gameplay examples

See also

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