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Tetris Burst

Developer(s) GSN Cash Games
Publisher(s) GSN Cash Games
Release Date(s) January 2016
Platform(s) browser

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 3
Playfield dimensions 10 wide x 20 high (visible)
Hold piece Yes
Hard drop Yes
Rotation system SRS
Has 180 rotation {{{180}}}
Adjustable tuning {{{tuning}}}
Garbage attack type {{{garbage}}}
Garbage blocking type {{{blocking}}}
Website {{{website}}}
Tetrisburst2.jpg Tetrisburst3.jpg

Tetris Burst is an official gambling browser game at worldwinner.com that is about competing for cash prizes. The goal is to score more points in a 3-minutes Ultra game than your opponents. The game uses asynchronous play, that means the player will be matched against replays of previously played games of other players. In fact, the site tries to match the player against slightly better opponents in the 5 player games, so unless the player is one of the top players on the site, (s)he will lose money in the long run. The site will also limit the number of games a top player can play each day, so that top players can't make too much money.


The site offers just one mode where the goal is to score the most points within 3 minutes. This mode follows the official Ultra scoring system: Players are rewarded points for clearing lines (see table below). Additionally, the player receives one point for each row a piece is soft-dropped and two points for each row a piece falls down during a hard-drop command. Perfect Clears are also rewarded (depending on how many lines are cleared at once)

In the bigger tournaments, the player can also use 3 items. There's a meter which rises for each cleared line. If the meter surpasses a certain mark, an item can be activated and the meter is reset. From weak to strong we have the following items:

  • Juice Wave: clears the bottom 4 lines and rewards 1200 points
  • Double Up: all points gained in the next 10 seconds are doubled
  • Mino Shower: clears the whole matrix and rewards 6600 points

Using the Double Up item is probably the best choice for top players. The game can be played with mouse or keyboard. For mouse, going for Tetris line clears is a good strategy. For keyboard, it's recommended to use T-Spin techniques such as ST Stacking or Infinite TST.

Line Clear Points Line Clear Points
 Single  100   T-Spin 0 Mini  100 
 Double  300   T-Spin Zero  400 
 Triple  500   All Clear  no bonus 
 Tetris  800   B2B Tetris  1200 
 T-Spin Mini  200   B2B T-Mini  300 
 T-Spin Single  800   B2B T-Single  1200 
 T-Spin Double   1200   B2B T-Double  1800 
 T-Spin Triple  1600   B2B T-Triple  2400 
 Combo   Points   Combo   Points 
1 150 19 450
2 100 10 500
3 150 11 550
4 200 12 600
5 250 13 650
6 300 14 700
7 350 15 750
8 400 16 800

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