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Tetris Battle

Developer(s) G-mode
Publisher(s) G-mode
Release Date(s) March 1, 2002
Platform(s) Japanese mobile phones

Gameplay Info

Next pieces Three
Playfield dimensions 10w x ?h (20h visible)
Hold piece Yes
Hard drop Yes
Rotation system SRS
TetrisBattle TitleScreen.JPG
TetrisBattle Gameplay1.JPG TetrisBattle Gameplay2.JPG

For the Facebook game, see Tetris Battle (Facebook).

Not to be confused with Tetris Battle Gaiden, a game released for Super Famicom.

Tetris Battle is a pseudo 2-player Tetris game for Japanese mobile phones. Known as Taisen Tetris before its release in G-Mode's Taisen Arena package.

This game is not real time. It uses some sort of "prerecorded play" system.

The objective of this game is get higher score than the opponent within 2 minutes, or kill the opponent out by sending garbage. You can earn "attack points" by clearing lines. When the gauge of "attack points" becomes full, you can send unerasable garbage to the opponent.

After the each game, the game sends your play record (including your movements and sequence of pieces) to server. Your play record may appear as an opponent for other players.

Successor: "VS-MASTER" mode in Tetris Crystal. Except for no garbage rising, it uses the almost same system as this game.

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