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Tetris Axis

Developer(s) Hudson Soft
Publisher(s) Namco Bandai Games (JP),
Nintendo (NA),
Tetris Online, Inc. (EU)
Release Date(s) October 2, 2011 (NA)

October 20, 2011 (JP) October 21, 2011 (EU)

Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 5
Playfield dimensions 10×20 (Marathon mode, Computer battle), 5×20 (Fever mode, Survival mode)
Hold piece Yes
Hard drop Yes
Rotation system SRS
Has 180 rotation {{{180}}}
Adjustable tuning {{{tuning}}}
Garbage attack type {{{garbage}}}
Garbage blocking type {{{blocking}}}
Website {{{website}}}
Taxis2.jpg Taxis3.jpg

Tetris Axis, known in Japan, Europe and Australia as Tetris is an entry in the Tetris series for the Nintendo 3DS, or, in J/E/A, for PC.

It includes 15 single player modes split into three categories — Featured Modes, including Marathon, Computer Battle, Fever and Survival, Party Modes including and AR Modes.

Featured Modes

There are four featured game modes. Two of these, Marathon and Fever are available directly from the title screen.


Known as "A-TYPE" in older games, the player must reach the high score and the best time until 150 lines are cleared (if Endless is set to "Off") or until the player tops out (If Endless is set to "On"). Description: "Clear as many lines as possible. When Endless is OFF, go for the best time and score until you clear 150 lines."

Computer Battle

The player must play Tetris against ten COM characters based on Hudson Soft characters.

Description: "10 COM characters appear one after another to challenge you to Tetris. Clear Lines on your side to send Lines to the COM character's side for the win."

Fever mode

Described as 'all-new', in Fever mode players must play in a 5×20 matrix and try to clear as many lines as possible in 60 seconds. There is a checkbox for seven colors and checking them adds a bonus to the score when lines with checked colors are cleared.

During the game, players can collect coins that can be exchanged for special 'items' at the start of the game which cause special effects when lines are cleared with them. These items include 'Cascade' for 50 coins which fills gaps between empty Tetrominos in the matrix, 'Color Change' for 100 coins which changes every Tetromino in the matrix into the same color and 'Color Bonus' for 200 coins which randomly adds checkmarks to colors. There are three more items available from SpotPass, including the 'Bomb' which removes surrounded blocks when detonated, the 'I-Tetromino' which makes the game generate only I-Tetrominos for a while and 'More Time', which adds five seconds of time to the clock.


  • "Play in a narrow Matrix to clear as many lines as you can, while Incoming Lines from below slowly make their way to the top."

Party Modes

Some of the Party Modes are based on games from the Tetris Party series.


  • "Look at the model and picture created with Tetrominos for reference to complete the jigsaw puzzle."

Shadow Wide

  • "Place Tetrominos in line with the background's shadow to complete the picture. The high score is determined by completion rate and time."


  • "Shoot Tetrominos into holes in the plane of the same shape to clear them."

Tower Climber

  • "Stack Tetrominos on a Cylindrical Matrix to guide the climber to his goal."

Bombliss Plus

  • "Clear lines with Bomb Piece in Tetrominos to destroy blocks."

Stage Racer Plus

  • "Race through a course using Tetrominos."


  • "Cover stars on the Matrix with Tetrominos from the "Front" and "Back" to obtain them. The high score is determined by how much time it takes you to obtain all the stars."

Master Mode

  • "Tetrominos fall at their fastest speed from the very beginning. Clear as many lines as you can."


  • "Clear 40 lines as quickly as possible. Go for the best time."

AR Modes

AR Modes are modes that utilize the Nintendo 3DS family's augmented reality feature.

AR Marathon

  • "Clear as many lines as possible. Go for the best time and score until you clear 50 lines."

AR Climber

  • "Stack Tetrominos on a Cylindrical Matrix to guide the climber to his goal."

Multiplayer modes

Multiplayer can be played either over Nintendo 3DS Local Play, Nintendo 3DS Download Play or the Internet.

Nintendo 3DS Local Play

  • VS Battle
  • VS Shadow Wide
  • VS Stage Racer
  • VS Capture
  • Co-op Tower Climber

Nintendo 3DS Download Play

  • VS Battle
  • Marathon with Everyone
  • Fever with Everyone


  • World Battle
  • Friend Battle
Both have the description "Clear Lines or use Items to attack your opponent(s). The last one standing wins."

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