Tetris (PSP Mini)

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Tetris (PSP Mini)

Developer(s) EA Mobile
Publisher(s) EA Mobile
Release Date(s) October 1st, 2009
Platform(s) PSP Go

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 4
Playfield dimensions 10w x 20h visible
Hold piece Yes
Hard drop Yes
Rotation system SRS
Has 180 rotation {{{180}}}
Adjustable tuning {{{tuning}}}
Garbage attack type {{{garbage}}}
Garbage blocking type {{{blocking}}}
Website {{{website}}}
Pspgotitle.jpg Pspgo.jpg

This game was debuted at the Tokyo Game Show 2009 and launched on October 1st, 2009 along with the PSP Go and other PSP Mini titles.

Game types

Along side the marathon type of game, there are variants in which the goal is to clear 40 lines as fast as possible. Games in bold are returning from Tetris Pop.

  • Origin: Standard rules
  • Treadmill: Playing field shifts right every piece
  • Gravity: Blocks with no support fall. (Renamed from Vanilla)
  • Laser: Blocks must stay under laser, which comes down every piece. (Renamed from Limbo)
  • Flood: Every X pieces a line is added at the bottom
  • Split: Playing field is split in a left and right half
  • Scanner: Full lines are not cleared until scanner is activated every x pieces
  • Flashlight: Playing field is dark, only lights up for a short time every new piece
  • Chill: blocks which are not cleared, freeze, and have to be cleared another time
  • Magnetic: Blue pieces go left, red pieces go right
  • Ledges: Some non clearable blocks are floating in the playing field
  • Radical: 20G gameplay

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