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Team Appalachia is a multi-national esports organization that is based in Appalachia Country, USA. They are also the first esports organization to hold a roster of multiple competitive Tetris players, and the second to have a roster (behind Space Station Gaming). On July 12th, 2023 Team Appalachia announces that its second competitive roster for the organization will include a four-player (Sidnev, Sharky, Panic Portal & Mleczak) Tetris roster.

Player roster


Nationality Gamertag Name Date Joined
Netherlands Sidnev Sidney Commandeur July 12, 2023
Kazakhstan PanicPortal unknown July 12, 2023
Poland Mleczak unknown July 12, 2023
USA Sharky Mykal Buster July 12, 2023



Nationality Gamertag Name Role Date Joined
USA TheSamFZ Samuel Felinton Founder & CEO July 12, 2023


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