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(Re: the recent revisions, data for "The New Tetris")

With all of the unknown data (i.e. the "?"s), it's a waste of space to add info such as this, as the few data fields that are known can just as easily be found on the actual Wiki page for the game, The New Tetris.

I mean, we could easily go nutz here, adding entries for *each and every game* in the Wiki to the Lockjaw Simulation Settings page, with nothing but "?"s for the data fields... totally unnecessary <IMHO>.

Anyhow, <IMHO> the edits should be reverted (before entry "The New Tetris" was added to the page), but I won't take it upon myself to revert it.

--¥Weeds¥ 10:16, 17 January 2008 (EST)