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Might be a good idea to add in what terrain the shapes are a good fit for/what circumstances they could be used in, although it would take a lot of work, I might try it eventually -Winterfrost

Good idea! Some stacks that come to mind are patterns for ST, 6-3, TKI's 2nd TSD (the one with the funny LJ donation), and shapes for PC's. Also, I'd personally want to reorder the shapes within their "# of blocks category" based on now often used they are, like having it start with the right side of 6-3, then useful shapes for PC's, OSZ Ball, etc., just some suggestions.

also imo MediaWiki's signature shortcut is super cool, all you gotta do is put four squigglies (~~~~): Andrew4043 21:55, 28 November 2022 (PST)