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This is a sandbox, where anyone can test. The other editable special page is Public talk. Feel free to add a link to editable special pages in your or talk page. Therefore things that seem or are non-sensical to other or all people are allowed.

Testing external URLs: Puyo Puyo Tetris - Pentomino Rotations by Oshisaure

Pros Cons
"It takes very few keystrokes to set each piece in place, and you can even take advantage of DAS/ARR repeat across pieces for the OIL." - Larrytetris. They are impractical and dangerous in modern multiplayer and will always remain an outside quirk of a blanket rule, in my book. The stack for them is not flat, and for the number of lines taken to do one (including the high overhang, which is I assume easy to get spiked on), their send-attack ratio is poor. With the number of pieces used, a normal t-spin double is nearly always better, and a tetris cleaner and less risky." - Paul676
Example 2a Example 2b

testing by meppydc (diagram from winterNebs)



At Special:Preferences, various preferences can be set, but login is needed.

  • At Appearance section, there is option to format broken links like this? instead of like this. This is useful if you have trouble seeing colors or if colors are overridden.