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MAME is an open source project, which give the chance to test code changes.

Input mod

Current version: 0.132 + diff + WolfMAME's inpview + tgmj/tgm2/tgm2p only

This mod makes MAME poll for host input more often. It makes TGM even less playable (too heavy for my poor laptop), but it is not that heavy with TGM2 and TAP.

In addition, it handles pressing opposite directions in a different way:

  • If you press left, then right without releasing left, it will read left then right
    • Original MAME locks (i.e. ignores) both left and right if you pressed right without releasing left
  • This also works for right->left, up->down and down->up
  • Still, if you press left and right at the same time, it will lock both
  • However, if you press up and down at the same time, it will prefer up

Note: this mod produces/reads .inp files incompatible with the original MAME.

Note: SDL MAME polls input from the host machine once per frame, which makes this modification useless on the Linux and Mac OS X builds.