MMC News 6

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MMC Weekly #6

┈┈┈┈Community News:┈┈┈┈

Garbo Launches

A website meant for quizzes for the sake of quizzes, will give even the most experienced tspinners a headache. If you think you're up for the challenge, check out sometime, but I warned you...

There's An Official Jstris Twitter Now!

If you're interested, go follow !

┈┈┈┈Personal Bests:┈┈┈┈

  • TETR.IO Blitz mode pbs from both Firestorm and Xynix, well over 800k and encroaching on Jim's WR.

┈┈┈┈Tourney News:┈┈┈┈

  • AddTagHere wins Full Throttle Weekly PPT #2 (PC)

  • Upcoming:
10/13: FTW PPT #2 (Switch) LogoPPT.png
10/17: Jstris Cup XI LogoJstris.png
10/23: WPL Open LogoTetrio.png

┈┈┈┈Topic of the Week:┈┈┈┈

Most of my personal bests in Tetris are accidental for sure; I play on a whim, I don't even realize I'm playing that well and I PB. Other people tryhard for several hours, listen to a particular playlist or keep Garbo's stream tabbed. Under what circumstances do you usually PB?

Share your thoughts in #general !