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MMC Weekly #47
ina ina zuma :TakoFlap: :KeqingLove:

orz tried his hand at editing a video version of the news, voiced by nukeexplosions!
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┈┈┈┈Community News:┈┈┈┈

  • MgCaSi2O6 Absolutely Mindblows All

First off, check out this profile.

Within a year, Mg has gone from 1 minute 40L to sub 17, and currently stands at world no. 7 in 40L, 4th in 100L and #2 in 20L. Just. What. Week after week I've said to myself that there is *no way* this dude can keep this going. I shall avoid doing so in the future to stop being wrong…

Enjoy this shiny new sub 17 handcam, and just... let the sheer rate of improvement compute for a while...

┈┈┈┈Personal Bests:┈┈┈┈

  • MgCaSi2O6 skyrockets from #12 to #6 in 40L and 4th in 100L on Jstris sprint leaderboards. I gotta have some of whatever this guy's on.

  • Riviclia also subs 17 this week for 10th place overall, clutching the run with sub 6 pps!

  • Reset finishes an 100L sprint in 46 seconds for 2nd place!

  • cz0402 achieves a 65 minute survival for 2nd place, just 4 minutes behind Firestorm! (rip)

  • fortissim2 and stickmancomic get 4th and 8th in Ultra respectively!

┈┈┈┈Tourney News:┈┈┈┈

  • Firestorm retakes their Jstris Cup crown, defeating VinceHD and jason0107 for yet another first place finish!
They also win Stack it Up!, making for 3 tournament wins this week including IFT:C!

  • Upcoming:
7/25: CTL Summer League #1 (TETR.IO LogoTetrio.png)
7/30: PCO Alpha/Omega (Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 (Switch) LogoPPT2SW.png)
8/1: CTL Summer League #2 (TETR.IO LogoTetrio.png)
  • Ongoing:
now: Salty Cup Season 4 (PPT2 Switch LogoPPT2SW.png) :MikuYawn:

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