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MMC Weekly #41
week 3 of hand ded pls help me

To submit news of any kind, please send a message in the weekly Discord thread in MMC LogoMMC.png!

┈┈┈┈Community News:┈┈┈┈

  • MMC Overrun With Ducks

I couldn't find any actual news so here are some ducks courtesy of Juhun0206 and his gf I guess

thx Beastin for the suggestion :oyes:

┈┈┈┈Personal Bests:┈┈┈┈

  • Riviclia finishes a 18L cheese run at a blistering 4.64pps and efficient 30 pieces, beating z2sam's nearly 2 year old world record!

  • Forging on with a roughly labbed submarine, Kirigo moves up into 6th place in Ultra!

  • MgCaSi2O6 finishes a 20L sprint at nearly 6.2pps, securing 7th place!

  • In addition, two recent 40L pbs from deagahelio and MgCaSi2O6 both finish less than 0.1 seconds away from sub 17 ; cheer them on, they can do this!

  • Zepheniah becomes the 6th to achieve a 1+ million point Blitz and barely squeezes past Sequora to take 5th place!

  • Reseffe clears an 100L cheese with 212 pieces over the span of 20 minutes, an impressive show of patience!

┈┈┈┈Tourney News:┈┈┈┈

  • Riviclia wins MMC #6 - B2B+2 rerun,
  • Blaarg wins IFT:S,
  • MOONHILLCRAG wins Crackerinho Cup Torneo Amateur, and
  • Promooooooo wins WPL PPT Open #9!


  • Upcoming:
6/19: TETR.IO Cup #14 (TETR.IO LogoTetrio.png)

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