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MMC Weekly #38
GMT+8 is the best timezone

To submit news of any kind, please send a message in the weekly Discord thread in MMC LogoMMC.png!

┈┈┈┈Community News:┈┈┈┈

  • From Last Week, A Tale of Perseverance I Forgot About

After a grand total of 32,501 40L sprint runs, leonid finally achieves his first sub 20 and becomes the oldest ever to do so at over 30 years of age. Definitely congratulate him if you ever meet him, and let his persistence show just what you can achieve if you never give up!

┈┈┈┈Personal Bests:┈┈┈┈

  • For his 13th finished Ultra run, blaarg PBs by over 26k to achieve Ultra WR using a gamushiro-dpc loop!

  • ducklife4player completes an 100L sprint at nearly 5pps, becoming #8 on the leaderboard and 11th fastest on Jstris!

  • Following his reappearance in Tetra League, qwerty passes Firestorm in 100L speed cheese to become 4th place!

┈┈┈┈Tourney News:┈┈┈┈

  • Togaia/Paulosilva demolishes all opposition in Beyond the Stars’ Latam TETR.IO Tournament to become the champion, while ovie and Keshy emerge as second and third place!

The Twitch stream amassed at times over 700 viewers; wow!!

  • Upcoming:

  • Ongoing:
now: Salty Cup Season 4 (PPT2 Switch LogoPPT2SW.png)
4/26-6/20: WWC Season 5 (Worldwide Combos)

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