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MMC Weekly #28
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To submit news of any kind, please send a message in the weekly Discord thread in MMC LogoMMC.png!

┈┈┈┈Community News:┈┈┈┈

  • Rush Mode Publicly Released… And Solved

Last week, Garbo’s project made its Puzzle Rush mode public. A "mode where you try to complete as many practical puzzles as you can in 5 minutes", it initially contained 75 puzzles, and several tetris pros have challenged it throughout the week. Most impressively, Zack101155 managed to solve every single puzzle, completing rush mode. He remains at the top of the leaderboard, so feel free to challenge him ^^

Here’s what it looks like to complete the game!


┈┈┈┈Personal Bests:┈┈┈┈

  • Blaarg makes it back to the top 3 in sprint with a 16.398 second 40L, at the same time becoming the PC end WR holder!

  • Massive jumps from Justin1L8 and SodiumOverdose, with both managing to sub 19 this week!

  • Also send congratulations to Lordtime, BoomerHornet and barney for subbing 20!

  • Reset_ PBs by 3 seconds in sprint 100L and becomes 3rd place!

  • Laltza also pbs in 100L for a supposed 10th place!

  • A bored yakine decides to play jstris for a couple hours and casually achieves a top 10 survival score with 13 minutes!

  • Amazing improvement by smolfeesh, blaarg and Riviclia in Jstris Ultra, skyrocketing to 2nd, 4th and 5th place respectively!

  • agar02 finishes an 100L cheese run with 210 pieces, becoming the 7th in this category!

  • smolfeesh achieves 83 consecutive PCs, moving up into 5th place!

  • Finally, smolfeesh and zepheniah are now 7th and 8th in Blitz!

┈┈┈┈Tourney News:┈┈┈┈

  • Upcoming:
3/20: TeamTSD event (?)
3/21: Blonk Super Lobby (TETR.IOLogoTetrio.png)
4/10, 11 (tentative): Taiwan Tetris Tournament IV (TETR.IO LogoTetrio.png)

Before you go...

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