In-Flight Tetris

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In-Flight Tetris
Release Information
Developer DTI Software
Release Date 2000 (Old version)
2013? (New version)
Gameplay Information
Next pieces 6, 1, or 0 (Old version)
4 (New version)
Playfield dimensions
Rotation system
Garbage attack type
Garbage blocking type
Hold piece
Hard drop
Has 180° rotation N/A
Adjustable tuning N/A

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In-Flight Tetris is a Tetris game for in-flight entertainment systems. There are two known versions: The old version, released in 2000, and the new version which has unclear release date.

Old version

  • It has Marathon mode and Versus mode.
  • Preview is selectable from 6, 1, or 0.
  • Hold and ghost pieces can be turned off, and Classic Lock Down option is also available.
  • The game is played using a SNES-like controller, but it has weird control scheme. Rotate is mapped to up and down, Soft Drop is Y, Hard Drop is X, and Hold is select.
  • The piece orientation shown in the preview window all match with SRS, but except for S, Z, and O, the actual initial orientation of the pieces differ from the preview. I, J, and L spawn with vertical direction, and T spawns with the pointing side down.
  • Hold can be used during the line clear animation, but doing so will cause visual glitches. (Video)

New version

  • This version uses graphics from Tetris Zone.
  • Marathon, 40 lines, Ultra and Battle 2P modes are present.
  • Level increases for every 10 lines in Marathon mode.
  • The control mappings are logical unlike the old version. Rotate is mapped to buttons, Soft Drop is down, and Hard Drop is Up. It is however currently unknown where Hold is mapped to.
  • It has 4 previews according to the gameplay video.


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