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Developer(s) Twinbeard
Publisher(s) Twinbeard
Release Date(s) October 2011
Platform(s) Flash

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 1
Playfield dimensions X x ∞
Hold piece No
Hard drop No
Rotation system
Futilitris title.png Futilitris ingame.png

Futilitris begins with what appears to be a standard 10x20 playfield. Making lines does not clear that line, but instead extends the playfield's width by that number of lines on each side. The game does not top out; approaching the apparent top of the playfield causes the view to zoom out, revealing that its height is actually infinite.

Since placed pieces never disappear, the player's score is given as an "aspect ratio", calculated as the maximum height of the stack divided by its total width.

The game ends automatically after the view has zoomed out to a certain degree.

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