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DAS Tapback can refer to an overall movement strategy, or simply a single type of move. It is often learned as a precursor to 2-step Finesse.

DAS Tapback movement

The key movement known as DAS Tapback is used for pieces placed exactly one spot away from the wall.

  • Charge DAS
  • While DAS is charging, rotate piece to desired orientation.
  • Wait for piece to hit wall
  • Press key in opposite direction
  • Press Hard drop

DAS Tapback movement technique

The DAS Tapback strategy involves three simple rules

  • Pieces against the wall should be DAS'ed then dropped
  • Pieces one away from the wall should be DAS'ed, tap-backed then dropped
  • Rotation always occurs before movement.

Using these three rules, it is very easy to learn DAS Tapback.

However, the more optimal form (2-step Finesse) requires unlearning a lot of the bad habits gained from learning this method. For example, may pieces one away from the wall in a non-neutral orientation, can instead be executed as:

  • Charge DAS
  • Wait for piece to hit wall
  • Neutral DAS
  • Rotate Piece
  • Drop

Which involves less keys since there is no tap-back.