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Brick Game
Brick Game Console.png
Release Information
Developer Various
Publisher Various
Platform Dedicated console
Release Date
Gameplay Information
Next pieces
Playfield dimensions 10 x 20
Rotation system
Garbage attack type
Garbage blocking type
Hold piece N/A
Hard drop N/A
Has 180° rotation N/A
Adjustable tuning N/A

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Brick Game is a gaming device that runs on batteries, equipped with a number of pre-installed games and black and white (monochrome) screen. In such devices, almost always there is a game similar to "Tetris", but along with it there are often other games. There are different types of devices with different number of games. Loading additional games in such a device is not possible.

Due to the fact that the name "Tetris" is a registered trademark, device manufacturers, in order to avoid conflict with the rights holders, is used to refer to it, the term "Brick Game". This allows manufacturers to freely exercise this kind of production in the EU, as evidenced by the presence of many of the machines the CE mark (Conformité Européenne).

Brick Game was very popular in post-Soviet Russia in the 1990s and early 2000s. These devices were manufactured primarily in China. Currently available devices modified several constructions made in the classical form of buildings and in buildings that mimic the appearance of mobile phones, today's gaming consoles and others. Copies of the classic design also occur. They still enjoy a certain popularity among retrocomputing fans, with copies of the release of the previous years are valued higher.


In addition to the equivalent of "Tetris" and its variations, the device has several additional games. Apart from the classic "Tetris" in the device often present modifications to the 5-cell shapes, greatly complicates the game. There were variations and other complications with type, for example - the cell rising from the bottom, or offset set of figures in the horizontal direction.

Some games have a feature model microcalculator and supplemented for that purpose by the keys. Games with the alarm clock function are less common and currently available though, but in smaller amounts. There were also versions with a connector for the cable connecting the two game devices for playing together.

For games remained the best result ever obtained by them. Records dropped, unless the device to temporarily remove the batteries.


Brick Game devices usually have the same shape. When viewed from above the device looks like a rectangle with rounded corners, the height of which is approximately 2.5 times greater than the width. At the bottom of the rectangle are keys for controlling the game, and at the top - the small screen. Between the small screen and buttons held horizontal ledge. On the reverse side in the same place there is a groove, allowing more comfortable to hold the device.

Colors of Brick Game can be quite varied. There are toys that come in gray, black, red, green and many other colors. At the bottom of the device is usually drawn cartoon character, and around the small screen to make a clearance in the "Tetris" game theme. Also, the device is written, how many different games there are on this model. This amount can vary from two to several thousand. A large number of games is derived from the fact that all minor modifications recognized as individual games.

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