Amagami Tetris

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Amagami Tetris
Release Information
Developer Enterbrain Inc.
Publisher Tetris Online Japan Inc.
Platform Windows
Release Date
Gameplay Information
Next pieces 3
Playfield dimensions 10x20
Rotation system SRS
Garbage attack type Guideline
Garbage blocking type
Hold piece
Hard drop
Has 180° rotation N/A
Adjustable tuning N/A

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Amagami Tetris is a crossover between Tetris and Enterbrain's dating simulator game, Amagami. Released in 2009 exclusively in Japan, it was made available through the official (now-defunct) Amagami website. Three different versions of the game were made available for purchase, each for 1575 Yen, and each following a linear story route of a different love interest from Amagami; swim team member Ai Nanasak, popular girl Haruka Morishima, and class representative Tsukasa Ayatsuji. Amagami Tetris features very low-level AI. This version strays from the Tetris Guideline by rewarding garbage on all spins, rather than just T-Spins.


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