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Game Boy game published by Nintendo.

  • PF size: 6x9
  • Piece: Domino
  • Movement: Sideways, 90 degrees,
  • Block: Star, C, R, K
  • Goal: Trap one or more star blocks between a pair of matching C, R, or K blocks.


This game is played by placing 2-block pieces (dominoes) into a 6x9 playfield. As with most puzzle games of this type, the dominoes can be rotated at 90-degree angles. Each block of a domino can be a star block, or an image of Coo the Owl, Rick the Hamster, or Kine the Fish. The overall goal of the game is to prevent the blocks from piling up to the top of the screen by clearing them. Star blocks can be cleared by sandwiching them between a pair of matching friend blocks. If two or more matching friend blocks are placed so their edges touch, they are cleared. Blocks can fall to form a group if the blocks underneath them are cleared. If a chain reaction is formed this way, then a number of stars will fall down to the field, briefly filling in the spaces where they land. These act as star blocks for a moment before the next piece falls, then disappear. If they fill in the space(s) between two matching friend blocks, another group is formed and cleared. For each group in a chain reaction, more stars fall down, making it easier to form another one.

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