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Of course, sometimes the Tetris fan needs a place to show his stats.

I am a multitasker and Tetris fan. I like music.

My stats

  • High Tetrinsanity score: So high, it ran off the edge of the screen
  • High TGM grade: 7 (yes, really)
  • Favorite number: 54 (because there are only five in existence)
  • Most lines cleared in a cascade: Over fifty
  • Favorite font: The one on my DVD player.

What else?

Most people would assume I only play Tetris. The truth is, I don't just play Tetris.

My favorite flash series is Homestar Runner. From Strong Bad Email 200, I know that his email address is

I am also interested in chords. My favorite one is a G7, meaning it is G, D, B, and F all played at once.

There are many chords that are not in widespread use. Alpha, Bridge, Complexe sonore, Dream, Elektra, Farben, Grandmother, Magic, Mu, Mystic, Northern lights, Petrushka, Psalms, So What, Tristan, and Viennese Trichord are some of the chord names in use.