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Everything says only linux can edit the source code and stuff but actually you can edit source codes and stuff in other OS. There isn't much difference with editing source codes.

In Windows, you need an .exe file. If you edit code other than the .exe on Windows, NullpoMino ignores it. 09:59, 16 October 2017 (PDT)
Well, how about Mac?
Plus, in Nullpomino, it has NOTHING to deal with .exe file. All it does is executing the nullpomino to gui. All sources are in Nullpomino.jar so you just need to modify that jar file to customize wallkicks and stuff. There are some programs that has everything in the .exe file, but nullpomino isn't. Think about it, those guys who made nullpomino mods run linux only?

Let me clarify. On Windows, the wallkicks are present in the .exe file. So editing NullpoMino\src\mu\nu\nullpo\game\subsystem\wallkick has no effect. On Linux, the wallkicks are present in NullpoMino\src\mu\nu\nullpo\game\subsystem\wallkick. So editing NullpoMino\src\mu\nu\nullpo\game\subsystem\wallkick has effect.

Edit NullpoMino.jar in Windows not src. Alternatively, you can edit source code in src, compile to .jar file, and replace original NullpoMino.jar file. Plus, if you download several mods on the internet, they all have same .exe even they modified the game.