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MMC Weekly #91
better timezone now
holy I am jetlagged I have woken up at almost exactly 4am 3 days in a row

To submit news of any kind, please send a message in the weekly Discord thread in MMC LogoMMC.png!

┈┈┈┈Community News:┈┈┈┈

iitalics Officially Releases Infinite Blockfish

In this site, you can witness the eternal suffering of blockfish, doomed to forever algorithmically solve its way through the Sisyphean task of neverending cheese downstack.

heck that was dark but anyways:

If you haven’t heard of blockfish, you can read more about it in MMC Weekly #88!

Blaarg Achieves First Ever Unrounded 24999 TR

Currently, Blaarg has a total of 24999.08 Tetra Rating, making him the first player to ever surpass 24999! cz0402 is not far behind with 24998.62, but uh, why and how does he have 1.96 average PPS again?

  • reported by Azura

┈┈┈┈Records and Accomplishments:┈┈┈┈

  • Zepheniah becomes the first player to break the 1.5 million point barrier in Blitz, improving his world record by nearly 50k for a total of 1,545,127 points!

  • Qepsi/Qinghan takes the least piece cheese WR back from thomastik/brony with a 3 piece improvement, down to 185 pieces!

  • Finally, ihavenolife lands a quirky WR in MPH PC Mode, getting all the right pieces for 3 consecutive PCs! If you want to beat this one, you’d probably need a few baskets of 4 leaf clovers. What are the odds?

    According to JimothyJimothy, "this is extremely lucky. Just factoring in the luck needed to get the right block to complete a PC, this run is a minimum of a 1/7^3 chance, or about .3% not factoring in anything else."

┈┈┈┈Tourney News:┈┈┈┈

  • TETR.IO Amateur Weekly (TAWS) News LogoTetrio.png:
TAWS America 7 Winner - Holdndrop Propylon/HighSpace (Prediction Winner (combined with TAWS U 6 and TAWS Asia Open 3) hju99)
TAWS U 6 Winner - Yuzu
TAWS Asia Open 3 Winner - Re-al Ohm Kung

  • Upcoming:
5/28-29: TE:C Seasonal Summer '22 Triathlon (Americas Time Zone) (TE:C LogoTE.png) Info & Registration Enhance Discord
6/4: WPLC SoCal LAN (NES, PPT2, TE:C, TETR.IO, and more! LogoWPL.png) Info World Puzzle League Discord

WPLC is the second World Puzzle League Championship ever held, and it will be a live event with this upcoming one being hosted in California! As of writing, the combined prize pool sits at around $4200 for all games hosted!!! Huge thanks to all the supporters!

6/4: TAWS Asia Open 4 (TETR.IO LogoTetrio.png)
6/5: TAWS 46 (TETR.IO LogoTetrio.png)
6/10: 2x2 Puyo/Tetris Doubles (PPT2 Switch LogoPPT2SW.png) Info & Registration Galactic Discord
6/11: Sakura Blend (TETR.IO LogoTetrio.png, Puyo Puyo LogoPPT2SW.png) InfoPuzzle Kingdom Discord

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