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Welcome to the Tetris Wiki, a project created by Tetris fans for Tetris fans. This Wiki is a tool in anyway possible for Tetris players. Feel free to add information to any existing article or make a new one. If you need help, please refer to how to edit a wiki.

We are maintaining 537 articles!

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NullpoMino 7.5.0Cultris 2.0MisaMino 1.4.5Blocktrix 1.00KeyBlox 1.07Quadra 1.2.0TetriNET2 135Cubestorm PlanetsMonster Trickles 1.9bNot Tetris 2

Web Browser Based Games

Tetris FriendsTetris Battle FacebookTetr.jsBlockboxTessellateKing of StackersTetrizooBlock BattleEngram TetrisMickael Pusku TetrisGdward TetrisFirst Person TetrisT-exDualtrisT-SpinHatetrisHell TetrisTorus3Dtris

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Tetris Blitz (iOS & Android)Tetris Monsters (iOS & Android)Dream of Pixels (iOS & Android)

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