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Tetris Party

Developer(s) Hudson Soft
Publisher(s) Tetris Online
Release Date(s) Japan: October 14, 2008
US: October 20, 2008
Europe: October 24, 2008
Platform(s) WiiWare

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 6 (most modes)
3 (4-player VS modes)
Playfield dimensions 10w x 20h visible (most modes)
5w x 10h visible (Beginner's Tetris mode and Wii Balance Board modes)
Hold piece Yes (most modes)
No, but "SKIP" feature is available instead (Shadow mode)
No (Wii Balance Board modes)
Hard drop Lock
Rotation system SRS
TPtitle.jpg TPingame.jpg

Tetris Party is an official Tetris game for WiiWare.


Gameplay Details

  • ARE: Yes
  • Initial actions (IRS,IHS): No
  • T-Spin detection: 3-corner T no kick
  • Combo bonus: Yes
  • Bravo bonus: Yes, called "All Clear"
  • Soft drop speed: Native * 20
  • Gravity does not reach 20G in standard marathon mode, but does reach 20G in beginner's Tetris mode. (Actually it's 10G, however)
  • In multi-player modes, players do not receive same sequence of pieces.

Single Player Modes


Standard marathon mode that ends when you clear 150 lines, or in the settings you can turn on endless off and play as many lines as you would like.

Field Climber

Help a small little man climb your tower of tetrimino's to the goal line if you squish him the level ends.

Computer Battle

A versus mode where you face off against the computer. The AI has 15 levels of difficulty.


Fill in a design in the matrix using standard and non standard tetrimino's shapes include video game characters and fruit.

Beginners Tetris

Simple shapes many of which only include 3 blocks and a small playing field, the game ends after 150 lines.

Stage Racer

Guide a tetrimino through a course rotating it and try to reach the goal at the bottom as fast as you can.

Wii Balance Board Mode

Play tetris using only your feet on the wii balance board. It is similar to beginner's tetris.

Local Multiplayer Modes

Vs Battle

Face off against up to 4 computer or human opponents. In this mode, clearing 2 or more lines at once or achieving combos sends Garbage to an opponents' screen. Items can be turned on or off. The usable items are listed below:

  • Smoke (Effect: One Opponent): Aim your Pointer at an opponent's Matrix and press the B Button to cover that Matrix in smoke. Shake the Wii Remote to get rid of the smoke.
  • Speed Up (Effect: All Opponents): Use this item to increase the drop speed of your opponents' pieces for a short time.
  • Block Shot (Effect: Anyone): Aim your Pointer at an empty area in any Matrix and press the B Button to send blocks to that area. The greater number of times you rapidly press the B Button, the more blocks you can send into that area.
  • Line Kick (Effect: Anyone): Use this item to clear lines on your Matrix. To choose a line just point at it and activate the Line Kick.
  • Cascade (Effect: Self): When this item is activated the pieces you lock down will break apart and fill in the spaces beneath them for a short time.
  • Lock (Effect: All Opponents): Use this item to stop all opponents' pieces from rotating for a short time.
  • Field Climber (Effect: All Opponents): Use this item to cause a climber to appear in your opponents' Matrices. If the climber is crushed, penalty blocks will appear from the bottom.
  • Shift (Effect: Self): Aim your Pointer towards one side of your Matrix, then press the B Button. The blocks will align together in the area where you aimed the pointer.
  • Time Stop (Effect: All Opponents): Activating this item will temporarily freeze your opponents' game play for a short amount of time. Your own game play will not be affected during this time.
  • Hide (Effect: One Opponent): Aim your Pointer at an opponent's Matrix and press the B Button to temporarily hide their Next queue.

Vs Field Climber

Help a small man climb up your tetriminos to reach the flag(s) and get to the goal. If he is crushed by any player, they are out

Vs Hot Lines

Vs Shadow

Vs Stage Racer

Co-op Tetris

Play together on a 20x20 matrix with another player with a shared hold piece. The game ends after 150 lines.

Dual Spaces

Nintendo Wifi Connection

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