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Developer(s) Vanguard
Publisher(s) Vanguard
Release Date(s) April 18, 2002
Platform(s) Wonderswan Color

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 3
Playfield dimensions 10w x 23?h (20h visible)
Hold piece Yes
Hard drop Yes
Rotation system SRS
Has 180 rotation {{{180}}}
Adjustable tuning {{{tuning}}}
Garbage attack type {{{garbage}}}
Garbage blocking type {{{blocking}}}
Website {{{website}}}
Tetriswonderswan.jpg Tetriswonderswaningame.jpg

Tetris for Wonderswan Color is the first Tetris Guideline compatible game in Japan. (8 days earlier than GBA version of Tetris Worlds)


  • MARATHON: Endless mode.
  • 40lines: Clear 40 lines as fast as possible. However, this is not really 40 lines mode. See details about "Lines" in Scoring section below.
  • 3min: Score as many points as possible in 3 minutes.
  • VS: Fight against a human opponent.

The starting level in single player game modes can be adjusted from 1-15.


The following game rules can be adjusted from their Guideline defaults in the Options menu:

  • Next Piece: 0-3 (default: 3)
  • Ghost Piece: On/Off (default: On)
  • Hold: On/Off (default: On)


  • Line clear score: See Scoring#Original Nintendo scoring system. It is same as Nintendo's scoring system. Base score value is multiplied by current level.
  • "LINE" awarded by line clear (This applies to all modes, including 40lines mode)
Single Double Triple Tetris Back-to-back Tetris
1 3 5 8 12
  • Back-to-back Tetris has a bonus for total lines, but no bonus for the score.
  • T-Spins have no bonus.
  • A Perfect Clear has a big bonus of 1,000,000 points. This bonus is not multiplied by the current level, and is awarded equally for all types of line clears (i.e., a flat bonus without adding the points that otherwise would have been awarded for a normal line clear score).


This game features "diagonal drop," and allows DAS to be preserved between pieces so long as the direction remains held when hard dropping.

Additionally, the design of the Wonderswan features separated directional keys (as opposed to a directional pad) and allows simultaneous opposite directions to be pressed. Pressing left+right cancels out to a "neutral" movement direction, however it appears that DAS may remain charged when doing so.


This game uses a 7+1 Bag randomizer. It behaves similarly to the 7 Bag randomizer used in other games following the Tetris Guideline, but with a duplicate of one randomly selected piece shuffled in (resulting in a bag size of 8).

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