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Developer(s) EA Mobile
Publisher(s) EA Mobile
Release Date(s)
Platform(s) Mobile

Gameplay Info

Next pieces 4
Playfield dimensions 10w x 23h (20h visible)
Hold piece Yes, except the Clash mode
Hard drop Yes
Rotation system SRS
Has 180 rotation {{{180}}}
Adjustable tuning {{{tuning}}}
Garbage attack type {{{garbage}}}
Garbage blocking type {{{blocking}}}
Website {{{website}}}
Eamob2.jpg Eamob3.jpg

EA Mobile's Tetris is an authentic Tetris game for mobile phones.

Game modes

  • Single player modes
    • Marathon: Standard Tetris mode with 15 levels. The levels increase every ten lines and game ends after clearing 150 lines.
    • Ultra: Score as many points as possible in two minutes. Your score will be recorded even if you don't survive.
    • 40 lines: Make 40 lines as fast as possible.
    • Versus: Fight against an AI-controlled opponent.
    • Clash: You play against an AI-controlled opponent in the same playfield. Compete to reach the high score limit first. Putting a piece ends your turn, and the AI puts a piece to somewhere. Hold function is not available in this mode.
    • Pass 'n Play: Up to 4 players can play this mode. Compete to reach the high score with limited amount of pieces.
  • Multiplayer modes
    • Versus: Multiplayer version of Versus mode.
    • Clash: Multiplayer version of Clash mode.
    • Challenge: Multiplayer version of Pass 'n Play mode.

Gameplay details

  • ARE: Yes
  • Initial Actions: No
  • T-spin detection: 3-corner T no kick
  • Back-to-back bonus: Yes

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