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The tetrion is the frame that surrounds the playfield. Henk Rogers has defined "tetrion" as the machine that plays Tetris.[1]

Different tetrions may implement different variations of the game rules. For example, TAP indicates the game mode with different frame colors:

TGM Legend Tetrion 2.png
TGM Legend Tetrion 1.png
TGM Legend Tetrion 3.png
T.A. Death
TGM Legend Tetrion 4.png

Similar to TAP, TGM3 uses differently colored tetrions for each game mode:

  • Easy: Green
  • Sakura: Pink
  • Master: Blue
  • Shirase: Red

In Tetris Worlds, tetrions are described as gateways which, when opened, give the Minos access to a new planet in their galaxy suitable for terraforming.