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From Vadim

I contacted Mr. Gerasimov June 2014 regarding #Dates, #Source Code, and #Easter Egg. ----Sisu 16:50, 1 June 2015 (PDT)


"The year sounds right. And, I guess, it happened during the summer. I don't remember the exact days when we discussed the idea, when the first prototype was written, and when the PC version was ready. If 6/6/84 is the correct date for the Electronika 60, the port would be a few days after. From what I remember the first prototype was written a couple of weeks after three of us discussed the idea. It took me a day to port the prototype to PC which was within days after the prototype was ready. These events happened in a short period of time. We kept tweaking the PC version for a few years after that."

Source Code

"I lost the source code over 20 years ago to a disk failure and didn't feel like asking Pajitnov for a copy. :)"

Easter Egg

"I no longer remember the key combo/sequence. This isn't much of an Easter Egg anyway. It should just show a message. Nothing fancy. The message is encrypted in the code, so you can't see it in a debugger."