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Little known facts

  • The number of possible board states in Tetris is 2200 = 1606938044258990275541962092341162602522202993782792835301376 ≈ 1.6 x 1060 (not counting variants in minoes).
  • The number of stable ("with non-filled line") board states is 102219 x 1023 = 1546830240339583941968754047234064022827366713230467631939584 ≈ 1.54 x 1060 (not counting variants in minoes).
  • Nowadays Tetris logo was drawn by Roger Dean
  • The theme has lyrics: Korobeiniki.
    • This is actually copyrighted by TTC.

Also, according to RealTechnews:

  • The game inspired a terrible single in 1992 by Dr Spin, featuring samples of music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Tetris and the law

  • In September 2002, Chopdat, Faiz, 23, of Blackburn, was sentenced to 4 months in prison after refusing to turn off his mobile 3 times on a flight from Egypt to Manchester. The crew asked him three times to switch off the phone, which was interfering with the plane’s communications system, but each time Chopdat turned it on again. He was playing Tetris and got arrested, because playing Tetris is prohibited by law in airplanes (if you play Tetris, the FBI confiscates your phone and you are sentenced to 11.5 years in prison: 10 for possessing an unlawful item, and 1.5 for circumventing airport security (which has banned everything from metal in general to fidget spinners)).
    • There are many other laws against Tetris. See 13b, 18b, and 21b to learn more. So this is just one way to go to prison for playing Tetris.
    • Anyone who has gone to prison for playing Tetris gets Template:Arrested on his page.

Other facts

  • The world’s smallest game of Tetris took place under an electron microscope using 42 glass ‘microspheres’ at the Department of Physics of Complex Systems in Amsterdam (video here)
  • Yuri Yevushenko, director of the Russian Academy in the 1980s, claims Tetris is so successful because "unlike American games it is not about murder, shooting or chasing; it is about building and order."
  • In a recent US study at the Harvard Medical School’s department of psychiatry, 27 Tetris players spent seven hours a day, for three days, playing the game. Many had ‘Tetris dreams’.

Tetris apparel

Art and Culture


Utada Hikaru, japanese pop idol

Alexey Pajitnov, the man behind Tetris